The House

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All the boys walked into the house excitedly and looked around. The house was massive with two stories. On the first floor was the kitchen with a double oven; granite counter tops all of the nicest appliances. The kitchen also had a breakfast area by a big bay window with a nice table that had a bench seat on one side and a few chairs on the other. There was also a Stitch themed high chair for Niall and in the cupboards there were bibs and bottles.

Next was the living room where there was a massive 70 inch screen surrounded by game stations, video games, and every possible movie one could need including every Disney movie ever made – Niall even noted that there was every Stitch movie plus the show that went with it. There were couches and recliners and a Stitch themed play mat as well as a Stitch toy box (Simon really went all out with Stitch) that was filled to the brim with toys for the little one. Also there was a Stitch baby swing made especially for little Nialler.

There was a sitting room near the front. There were a couple of bookcases and a lot of places to sit and talk. There was a Stitch playpen with lots of toys and books to keep Niall occupied so that he would be able to be with everyone but didn't have to participate in the conversations unless he wanted to. Also on that floor was a library and a music room where the boys would be able to work if they so choose.

The last area on the ground floor was the one that Niall loved most. They had an indoor pool! They could go swimming whenever they wanted!

"Swimming Mummy!" Niall jumped excitedly in Liam's hold.

Liam chuckled, "Sorry love not today. It's already too late"

"Swimming!" Niall repeated with a slight wine.

"Niall" Zayn said in warning.

Niall looked over at Zayn and pouted but knew better than to fight with that voice. If he argued his Daddy would put him in time out and then he'd be away from them – he couldn't be away from them. So instead Niall just turned his head and buried it in his Mummy's chest pouting.

"Let's go explore the rest of the house shall we?" Harry suggested.

"I bet I can find my room faster than you can find yours" Louis said.

"You're on" Harry agreed and the two ran off laughing.

Zayn and Liam followed after at a slower pace wanting to take everything in. They came to Zayn's room first and it was perfect for him. The room was a basic solid color with the bed spread just a darker version of the walls. There was a drawing desk up against he far wall facing a large window. There was a 40 inch screen with video games underneath and a desk with a laptop on the opposite wall. There was a in suite bathroom with a walk in closet.

Next was Liam's room (Niall's room having been sandwiched between the two). Like Zayn's it was obvious this room was made especially for Liam. Like with Zayn's room the walls and bedding were the same color just different shades. There was a boxing dummy and a punching bag in the room along with a guitar and then a desk with a laptop. All in all it was everything Liam would want.

Lastly they went into Niall's room and the first thing they heard was a very excited cry of "STITCH!" coming from their little boy.

Simon had over done it a bit with the Stitch theme here in Zayn's opinion but Niall seemed perfectly happy so he let it be. The room itself had two walls covered in floor to ceiling windows with Stitch curtains that were currently pulled to the side. There was a table and chairs set up by the window and next to that was a small shelving unit filled with play dough, clay, crayons, paper, colored pencils and any other child art supplies that one could ever need. There was a bookshelf shaped like a spaceship filled with children and picture books and there were stuffies on shelves spread out around the room. The crib and the changing table were up against the one wall that doesn't face the windows so that the sun wouldn't wake Niall in the morning. There was a stitch blue couch and a stitch blue rocking chair in the room. The bedding was all stitch and there was even a stitch pillow pet on the bed as well as a stitch blanket. The bathroom had a massive tub (no shower) that swamped Niall and was surrounded with bath toys – even bath crayons.

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