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I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I'm now on break and have a little time to write so there should be updates for the next couple of days. The bad news is that I'm leaving town on Monday to visit my brother, his wife and my nephew and I won't be back until late  Friday evening. I'll possibly update during that time but it's extremely doubtful. Still what can you do? 

Next: I need ideas as to what Niall and the boys can do on the island during their two month break. I need things that they can do as a family and when their families come to visit. I want them to be able to stay out of the public eye though so nothing too crowded please. Thank you. Please enjoy.


Niall woke up screaming. It wasn’t really surprising that he’d had a nightmare; he’d actually been expecting it. As of late Niall’s nightmares had been tapering down but with the IQ test and the boys now knowing exactly how smart he was – well… it was bound to happen. First time he’s had a nightmare during his nap though.

Niall knew as soon as they had told him what the test was for that everything was going to change. Now that the boys knew the truth they wouldn’t want anything to do with him anymore; no one ever did once they knew.

Niall’s first week officially living on the streets (this not including all the nights that he’d had to find someplace else to sleep when he was kicked out) hadn’t been that bad. He had managed to get over to the largest city around and had found a group of about seven other kids who were already living on the streets. Niall had stayed with them for over a month before they found out that he was smarter than he said.

They’d all been hanging around the local bar – best place to ‘pick up’ some ‘loose’ cash considering most of the patrons were young adults in college and inebriated. A few of the college kids had noticed them and started to push them towards the alley in order to ‘encourage’ them to leave. The college pricks had been on them about being stupid and useless and somehow it had turned to either they can answer a few trivia questions or they get the crap beat out of them.

Niall had been trying to protect the others – he’d never thought it would end the way it did. Despite the college kids attempts to stump him Niall had been able to answer every single question asked and then some. In fact Niall had made the older boys look like morons. When they had finally turned and left Niall had looked back at his friends happily thinking that he’d done well.

The other kids hadn’t been as pleased as Niall had expected. By the end of the night Niall had limped away with a sprained ankle, two black eyes, one eye almost swollen shut, covered in bruises and a cracked, possibly broken rib. At thirteen years old Niall was completely alone in the world. Three years later he went on x-factor.

To say Niall knew the dangers of showing his intelligence was an understatement; he knew full well what this revelation will bring him.

Despite all his protests Niall would be the last to admit that he actually liked age play. There were a lot of aspects that he still despised the nappies, cot, playpen, highchair, etc; he actually did like all the attention and affection he received. It was the first time in his life that he’d ever had anyone actually care about him let alone cuddle him and make sure he was happy and healthy.

In retrospect Niall couldn’t help but think that it would be easier to have just been left alone because now that the boys knew they wouldn’t want anything to do with him. All of that love and affection would be gone and Niall would be fully aware of what he was missing. He’d break and he knew it.

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