the end :'

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uh oh..the most dreaded chapter LMAOO

hello !!!

i wanted to come around and make a proper announcement that there would be no more updates on this book. i'm no longer into wdw as i was so long ago, and i don't really write fanfiction anymore at all in general.

this one hurts to stop as i had so many ideas !! i just don't think i can push myself to finish it unfortunately

the support on this book and my account overall over the years has been overwhelming !! thank you guys so much :))

i am genuinely sorry there's no official end or more chapters to this book !! maybe at some point i'll post what i had planned, if you guys would wanna see that ?

my main focus right now is my own work, as i'm a creative writing major in college and that's my main priority !! if you guys ever wanted to see any of that stuff, i'd consider publishing short stories/poetry :)

if you see this a few times, i'm going to be publishing this ALMOST identical chapter in my few remaining books

i love you guys !! thank you for sticking with me over the years <33 i'll be around sometimes to check in !! hope all is well :]

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