Oops - Zach Herron by -loserseavey
Oops - Zach Herronby ಠ_ಠ
"Oops?" ~ In which Zach Herron adds the wrong number to a gc. ~ #1 in #fanfiction/fanfic on 16/1/2019 -loserseavey 2018 [STARTED: 28/10/2018]
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New Phone//Zach Herron (1) by jackramenavery
New Phone//Zach Herron (1)by on a hiatus
"A new phone and one wrong number are the best things that have ever happened to me because they led me to you." I once ranked #2 in Fanfiction and I keep this...
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my bully | jonah marais (finished) by seaveydaniel-
my bully | jonah marais (finished)by — eva. 🧚🏼‍♀️
"what do you want?" "you."
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Step-daughter// D.S by juliaman129
Step-daughter// D.Sby juliaman129
After a messy divorce, Daniel and his 8 year-old daughter Rae go to a nearby diner and meet the waitress who could change their lives.
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BOYS LIKE U  ▸  WHY DON'T WE by sauceyseavey
Jack moves in next to the girl next door and steals her underwear. ©️ @sauceyseavey 2018
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publicity // jack avery by unsaidseavey
publicity // jack averyby unsaidseavey
jack avery gets set up with a hollywood actress as a publicity stunt, but a lot goes on behind what the public sees. Started: June 14th, 2017 Highest rank: #65 in fanfi...
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Adopted by Corbina by music_lover5577
Adopted by Corbinaby Little girl
You are a 13 year old girl who have deforce parents after you mom get pregnant with your step dad child your dad got jealous and killed your mom and your step dad.
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Mine// Jack Avery by lmaojackavery
Mine// Jack Averyby lmaojackavery
"Mine. Something you should be,but instead you chose her"
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Adopted by James Charles | Ian Jeffrey by KiaraHerron01
Adopted by James Charles | Ian Kiara
Kiara Gray grew up in a broken home. During her trip to Los Angeles, her mother abandons her. What will happen when she runs into her favorite YouTuber, James Charles, a...
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The Girl In The Crowd // Zach Herron by whydontwejustimagine
The Girl In The Crowd // Zach Why Don't We Just
A 15 year old named Sandra. She got the chance to go see Why Don't We. She made it front row. Something about Sandra caught Zach's eye.
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His Daughter/ Daniel Seavey by KissingDaniel
His Daughter/ Daniel Seaveyby 🦒 Lauren🦒
READ THE TITLE © KissingDaniel
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✔fake ♡ zach herron  by corbynsboomerang
✔fake ♡ zach herron by farha👣💤
"would you like to be my fake girlfriend?" warning ; cursing started ; 18th january 2018 finished ; 8th april 2018 rank ; ♡ 198 º fanfiction ♡ 203 º fanficti...
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The Instagram Swap // Corbyn Besson by -loserseavey
The Instagram Swap // Corbyn Bessonby ಠ_ಠ
'The goal is: take the challenge, swap with your swap and then meet them in real life. You have 60 days. Y'all could possibly win a secret prize... Ready? Steady? Go! ️️...
  • danielseavey
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BULLY//Corbyn Besson by beautybabe25
BULLY//Corbyn Bessonby beautybabe25
"The worst part about all of this is that I'm in love with my bully!!!" Skylar screamed as tears rolled down her rosy cheeks. ⚠CRINGY⚠ This is my first book it...
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нε's тнε вα∂ вσү? ➵ J.M. by 1hopeless_romantic
нε's тнε вα∂ вσү? ➵ ♡
"He's the bad boy?" I ask, glancing over at him and arching my eyebrow. "Yup, Jonah Marais," she replies. "Doesn't seem like it," I say. &q...
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"Zach, you're literally sleeping with your enemy" said Daniel worried about his best friend! #12 on #whydontwe #8 on #hooked #5 on #corbynbesson
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It's called happiness..! ||Z.D.H|| by MrsSeaveey
It's called happiness..! ||Z.D.H||by MrsSeaveey
She's a 16 Years old girl. Nice and smart. He's a 18 Years old boy. Loud and a rebel. She's sad, but she always got a smile on her face. He's happy , he doesn't show it...
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Spy • Jack Avery by averysadoration
Spy • Jack Averyby averysadoration
The spy company you work for (The Organization) assigns you to spy on the Why Don't We boys and make sure they are safe. What happens when they notice you?
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•Bullied•    ~Why don't we ~ { smuts } by wdw_bts_ismybae
•Bullied• ~Why don't we ~ {
❌❌⚠️❌❌⚠️ this contains a lot of smuts⚠️⚠️❌❌⚠️⚠️⚠️. Started: 26 July 2018 End :
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"I Don't Believe In Love" | Zach Herron  by CamznAri
"I Don't Believe In Love" | Zach G♡
"So... Do you have a boyfriend?" "I don't believe in love, Herron." Jade Carpenter, your average teenager who has recently transferred to Roosevelt...
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