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SIT NEXT TO ME ; foster the people 
february 7ᵗʰ


Daniel was practically bursting at the seams with anticipation. Waiting for the day to pass by and for night to arrive was torture for him. He could barely contain himself around Corbyn, just the thought of them hanging out later that night bringing the goofiest smile to his face. He found it harder to bite it back the more he was around him through the school day.

The day dragged by, Daniel anxious for the hours to pass by faster.

Sitting in his last class, Daniel's foot tapped away at the dirty tiles beneath his feet. His eyes were consistent in drifting away from where his teacher stood at the front of the room teaching and focusing on his phone in his lap, constantly checking the time.

Daniel sat slouched in his seat, seeing as only another minute had gone by, leaving over thirty minutes left of the class.

Shoving his phone in his hoodie pocket, Daniel decided to not torture himself, instead putting as much focus as he could on his teacher.

Even after, he found it hard to learn with his mind racing with thoughts all directed towards one thing:

Corbyn Besson was going to look so cute with skates on.


"Hurry up!" Daniel yelled, dragging Jack and Zach behind him.

The shouted protests and obscenities were lost in the noise of the crowd as Daniel dragged them through the halls at the end of the day.

"Daniel James Seavey! Slow the fuck down!" Jack tugged harshly on the hand that was pulling him, causing all three of them to come to an abrupt stop as they crashed together.

Zach groaned beside Jack as Daniel released them, rubbing his forehead from where it had collided with the back of Daniel's backpack.

"Sorry baby." Jack sent him an apologetic look before turning, fixing Daniel with a glare. "Why the fuck are you in such a hurry?"

Daniel sighed, turning his gaze up to the ceiling. He was glad they'd made it as far as they did, the hallway empty as not many people took this way towards the senior parking lot.

"I don't know." Daniel finally said, shrugging as he looked back at them. A smile overtook his face as he knew the reason behind his behavior, shaking the thoughts away as he gave his friends a clueless look. "Honest. Just excited for tonight I suppose."

"So that's why you dragged us across the entire fucking building in under sixty seconds?" Jack replied, sending him a look. "Boo. Not good enough."

"This is so exciting!" Zach cheered, reaction opposite of Jack's. "It's about Corbyn, isn't it? You guys are so cute! Are you nervous?"

Daniel was surprised at Zach's sudden outburst. His words made something inside him twist with unease, nerves beginning to eat him up.

He hadn't been able to get himself past the idea of spending more time with Corbyn, but now? What was he thinking? He was so hopelessly gone for that boy, it was pathetic.

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