fourteen; WONDER

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WONDER ; shawn mendes
february 14ᵗʰ


Something about today just felt different. The morning was still chilled by winter, Daniel still had school, and Corbyn Besson still looked adorable all sleepy climbing into his car in the morning.

Daniel wasn't sure himself why Valentine's Day stuck out to him. He'd never even been in a relationship, much less had anyone to spend the 'day of love' with. Platonically, Daniel was all for it. Tight hugs and showering his friends and family with affection made him swoon internally.

He didn't really need a relationship, though the hopeless romantic trapped inside him begged for one, especially at the sight of Corbyn.

Passing through the halls as they walked made Daniel light up. Few teachers took the liberty to decorate their doors in sticky hearts and loving phrases that were peeling at the corners.
Purple notes were stuck to each locker throughout the building, uplifting messages and heartfelt compliments scribbled upon them.

This day always made Daniel feel good. Most kids didn't care for any of it, ripping notes off every locker to stick to their friends and laugh about. Daniel thought this idea was sweet—it made his heart warm with care that flooded his system and overwhelmed him.

Daniel and Corbyn walked silently through school, Corbyn's feet dragging along in a daze of sleep. Daniel didn't mind the slow pace, taking in his surroundings as he took small steps to match Corbyn's own.

Daniel's face broke out into a bright smile, pulling Corbyn to a stop giddily. Corbyn stumbled from the force, falling into Daniel's side. He looked lost, blinking slowly in confusion before following Daniel's gaze. Jack and Zach stood just ahead where they did each morning, lost on their own planet.

"Wait! Let's give them a minute." He whispered, looking happily over at the two.

Zach was sticking random notes to Jack's face, giggling as he did so. Jack simply stood there and let it happen, a dazed smile on his lips as he watched Zach. A basket filled with items and roses placed inside was at their feet, making Daniel's heart swell with more happiness than he thought possible.

"Okay," Daniel spoke up after a minute. "that's enough couple time, let's go bother them."

Corbyn laughed as Daniel took ahold of his arm, dragging him towards the two pressed together against the lockers.

"Morning, lovebirds." Daniel came to a stop beside Jack, leaning his elbow on top of his shoulder. "We miss anything?"

Zach looked down shyly, smiling when Jack pecked his cheek from beside him, wrapping an arm around his waist and pulling him closer.

"Sorry, Dani. You're not worthy of knowing."

"Yeah, okay, bitch. Don't come crying to me when you can't pick out an outfit for a date." Daniel crossed his arms over his chest with a smug look.

Zach giggled at them, watching Jack turn pink as he glared at Daniel.

"Shut up," Jack grumbled, rolling his eyes. "I asked him out."

Daniel nodded in approval, a satisfied smile on his lips. "Finally. I've only been waiting for literally ever."

Corbyn shook his head, shoving Daniel slightly with a disappointed sigh. "Shush it." He told him, "I'm happy for you guys."

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