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february 12ᵗʰ


Wednesday morning was a particularly cold one. Daniel found himself shivering beneath his thick maroon hoodie, a slight frown on his face as he waited for Corbyn and his siblings to come out.

The mix between cold air and freezing fingertips, impatience coursing through him and annoyance with being awake that early, Daniel could already tell today would be rough for him.

His fingers tapped incessantly against his steering wheel, an annoyed Anna in the backseat rolling her eyes, biting back a remark as she knew Daniel wasn't in the best mood that morning.

Daniel wasn't sure why he felt irritated, especially considering he had such a good few days before and had no reason to feel this way. He figured a combination of late night's spent thinking along with the cold of the morning was getting to him, triggering a spark in his brain that flipped his usual happy switch onto the opposite end of the emotional spectrum.

"Hey, sorry we're a little late." Corbyn apologized, quickly slipping into the passenger seat beside Daniel as Ashley and Jordan climbed into the back.

"It's no problem." Daniel shrugged, flashing him a stiff smile before he set off for their school.

The rest of the ride remained silent apart from the girls' quiet chatter, Daniel's usual cheery aura missing from their morning drive.

The three in the back were unbuckled and clambering out of the car before Daniel could even put it in park, leaving Corbyn and him alone for a few extra moments.

Daniel pulled his keys out with a huff, turning in his seat to grab his bag and shove his keys into one of the pockets.

As he reached for the car door handle, he felt a hand on his opposite arm stopping him.

"Are you okay?" Corbyn asked, leaving his hold on Daniel's arm loose, but there. His eyes searched Daniel's face for anything that might give away why he was acting different that morning.

"Yeah, don't worry." Daniel waved him off, sighing when Corbyn only tightened his grip softly, smiling at him in reassurance. "I swear, just having a day. I'll be fine, okay?"

"Hm." Corbyn hummed, narrowing his eyes at the boy. "Fine."

Daniel chuckled as Corbyn sulked his way out of the car after releasing him, getting out to catch up to him. It was silent between the two as they followed the usual path to the second floor on the opposite end of the building to meet with Jack, Zach, and Jonah (if he wasn't with Tate).

"Thanks for the concern, though." Daniel spoke up shyly, clearing his throat as it came out softer than he'd like. "I appreciate it."

"Any time." Corbyn smiled, stopping him at the end of the hall a moment, just before they would be met with the guys. "I know we haven't been friends that long, but you can always tell me if something's bothering you. We all have our days, and I wouldn't want you to deal with them alone."

"I'll keep that in mind." Daniel nodded, smiling gratefully. "Thank you, therapist Corbs."

As they started walking again, Corbyn shoved his shoulder lightly with a laugh.

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