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DEAR PATIENCE ; niall horan
february 13ᵗʰ


"Fuck, I'm nervous. Why am I nervous?"

"You're nervous? I'm the one actually asking someone out!"

"Well, yeah." Daniel started, "But still! It just makes me think of my own tragic love life, which therefore makes me a nervous mess."

Jack only laughed at him, shaking his head. "For now, let's focus on the problem at hand before we move onto your disastrous relationship. Yeah?"

Daniel frowned, ignoring Jack as he gazed around the isles of Target. It was all decorated in time for Valentine's Day, only heightening Daniel's own anxiety about his feelings.

The aisles were sparsely filled with other shoppers as the sun had long since faded into night, stars dotting the expanse of darkness above. It was the Thursday night before Valentine's Day, and with only an hour before closing, Jack of course needed something for Zach.

"What are you even getting, anyways?"

"I don't know." Jack shrugged, leaning on the cart as he pushed it down the isle. "Candy? A bear? A card? I've never done this shit before."

Daniel snorted as Jack rambled, shaking his head as he listened to his clueless best friend.

"Here, let me." Daniel told him, shooing him away and taking control of the cart.

Jack stepped aside with his hands raised, amused as Daniel quickened his pace, scanning the aisles as they passed.

Daniel hummed to himself as he picked things out, throwing them carelessly into the cart as Jack trailed behind him, letting him get whatever he wanted.

A variety of items and gifts slowly filled the basket, Daniel mentally checking off all the things he could think to get.

"Alright." Daniel sighed, bringing the cart to a stop once they entered an empty isle. Daniel walked around to the front of the cart, beginning to go through the items and show them off to Jack.

"First up is...chocolate." Daniel grimaced, holding them away from him in disgust. "And sour patch kids—watermelon—since you said Zach likes those."

Jack rolled his eyes at Daniel's exaggeration, nodding in approval for him to continue.

"Couldn't resist this one—look at this bear!" Daniel exclaimed, smiling excitedly as he held up a white bear, a red bow tied around its neck. "It's so soft, feel it. I love him."

Daniel thrusted the bear out at Jack, making him feel the material of the stuffed animal.

"I feel like a cloud would feel this fluffy." Jack said, awestruck as he pet the bear. "Approved. Next item."

"Just some random stuff. A pack of gum, some chips and other snacks, a little Valentine's balloon." Daniel raised his eyebrows, holding the stick attached to the balloon and waving it around for Jack to see.

"You did good, Mr Seavey." Jack nodded, looking satisfied. "But where am I gonna put all of this?"

"I'm glad you asked." Daniel told him, reaching into the cart and pulling out a pink plastic bin.
"Ta-da! A bin for all your little goodies. You can fill the bottom with some cute tissue paper, and boom. You've got a love basket."

Jack smiled, looking at it all and remaining quiet. Daniel faltered as Jack didn't respond, placing the bin back down, watching as he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth.

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