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OCEAN EYES ; billie eilish
february 1ˢᵗ


A loud blaring noise woke Daniel with a start, a low groan emitting from the boy as he realized he forgot to turn his alarm off for the weekend.

Searching blindly for his phone lost within his blankets, Daniel finally managed to shut his phone off, the noise coming to a halt.

He sighed as he sat up, rubbing his eyes as he squinted at the time. It was only six, making Daniel flop back down onto his bed again. His eyes fell shut once again, a futile attempt at getting more sleep as once he was up, Daniel usually couldn't fall back to sleep.

Daniel stayed there for a few more minutes, almost feeling himself drift off when his snooze sounded through his silent room once more.

"For fuck's sake." Daniel mumbled, glaring down at his phone.

His expression changed as he caught sight of the date displayed under the time, a tired grin spreading across his face as he realized what today meant.

Saturday, February 1

Daniel's plan for the month started today, the first day of February.

He stayed in bed as he texted one of his friends, deciding to get up and get ready as he waited for him to wake up.

Daniel hummed as he wandered around his room, gathering a pile of clothes in his arms before heading down the hall to shower.

By the time he got out twenty minutes later, Jack still hadn't answered him. Daniel wasn't surprised, considering the boys tendency to sleep in on the weekends and his frequent latenesses to school.

Daniel sighed, unsure of what to do with himself. He perked up when he heard the soft clinking of a mug hitting a surface, a whirring noise sounding quietly from the kitchen.

Daniel happily skipped down the stairs, being greeted with his mom making coffee.

"Hi, mom." He chirped, reaching into the cabinet for his own mug.

"Why are you up so early?" Keri chuckled, moving her mug and taking Daniel's, placing it under the Keurig as she made him coffee.

"I don't know. Couldn't sleep anymore I guess." He shrugged. "I'm probably going to hang out with Jack and everyone later. That alright?"

"Of course. Just text me when you're on your way home. I might be out shopping after I get everything cleaned up."

Daniel just nodded, making his way to sit down with his coffee in hand. He sighed as he scrolled through his phone, awaiting the next hours of boredom as he waited for his friends to wake up.


It wasn't until after nine did Jack finally text him back, a simple 'morning loser' displayed on his screen.

surprised you're
awake before noon

ha ha. you're so funny
truly a comedic genius

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