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LOVE ; lana del rey
february 11ᵗʰ


Once Monday came and passed, Daniel felt his week begin to slow down. Tuesday morning rolled around and Daniel was already anxious for it to end. It seemed the more excited he became for the end of the week, the slower his days seemed to pass.

The first four periods of his day dragged on, Daniel afraid they would never end. As soon as the bell had gone off, replacing Daniel's daydreaming with a ringing through his ears, he was up and off to lunch, hoping time with his friends would help distract his impatient mind.

Daniel made the familiar path down the stairs and halls, maneuvering around meandering freshmen and the shoving that came with one of the busiest halls. Daniel impatiently tapped his foot against the floor, rolling his eyes as the crowd on either side struggled to pass each other through the narrow hallway.

When he finally got through, Daniel was quick to get to the cafeteria doors, sliding past a loud group of sophomores chasing each other out of the room.

A slight frown of irritation settled onto his face, disappearing as he met with the eyes of Corbyn from across the room. Daniel bit back a grin, walking over to the table where all his friends were already gathered.

"Guess what!" Daniel said excitedly, quickly sliding into his seat on the bench beside Corbyn at lunch. They bumped hips briefly before Daniel moved over, not seeming to notice his action.

"One direction came back?" Jack gasped, getting a weird look from Daniel.

"What? No! Of course not!" Daniel rolled his eyes, "A little hurt you'd even bring them up." Daniel sniffed, shaking his head with an over dramatic sigh.

"You're both stupid." Corbyn chuckled, sipping from his water bottle as he watched their interaction.

"Anyways." Daniel dragged, "It's almost Valentine's Day!" Daniel cheered, Zach joining in as he drummed lightly on the table.

"Yay?" Jack asked, getting a slight nudge from Zach at his side.

"Yes, yay." Daniel frowned, "It's only the best holiday!"

"Is it though?" Corbyn questioned, an unconvinced look on his face.

Daniel turned to him, a face of shock gawking back at Corbyn's own amused one.

"Yes!" Daniel said shrilly. "How could it not be? An entire day to celebrate LOVE? The most powerful force on our planet?"

Zach giggled across the table as Daniel edged on hysteria, hands flying about to emphasize his point.

"I don't think that's true." Corbyn said, shrugging smugly as Daniel got increasingly more annoyed. 

"What?" Daniel rolled his eyes. "How? Romantic love, platonic love, just- love! You don't think a day spent appreciating and celebrating that is worth it?"

"Mm, no."

Daniel huffed, turning away and no longer commenting on it. Corbyn raised his eyebrows with a slight chuckle, looking across the table at Jack and Zach in question.

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