sixteen; CAN'T YOU SEE

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CAN'T YOU SEE ; why don't we
february 16ᵗʰ


The next morning, Daniel woke up to missed texts from Corbyn. He laughed as he saw they were sent just after two in the morning, thumbing through the messages before he got up for the day.

corbs :)

should i go like blue

OOO NO purple

wait what's your favorite
color i'll just do that

hellO i'm boreD

ugh you're probably
sleeping 😒


okay whatever be like
that just stay asleep i guess

text me when you wake up
i'm having an identity crisis
delivered 2:14 am

what kind of identity
crisis are you having
at 2 in the morning
delivered 9:07 am

Daniel sighed loudly, too cozy beneath his covers to get up just yet. The sun was hidden behind the winter clouds, sky burning white and shadowing everything it could touch with light in his room. He stared out of his parted curtains, eyes drooping as his body was enveloped in warmth.

Daniel's eyes shot awake at a knock on his door, swinging open not a second later. His eyes opened to peer at whoever it was, groaning as he saw Anna walking in.

"Why are you in here so early? Go back to sleep or something." Daniel mumbled, sighing when he only felt a change of weight at the end of his bed as she sat down.

"Can you take me to get coffee this morning? Mom's in a mood and Dad's at work." Anna looked at her older brother with hopeful look, eyes begging.

Daniel sighed loudly, shaking his head when Anna giggled to herself. He could never said no to anyone, one of the more annoying qualities he sometimes found in situations.

"I'll come get you when we're leaving. We'll go before I go to Corbyn's."

"Ooo, gotta date?" Anna teased, poking his side a few times.

Daniel jerked away from her touch, slapping her hand away. "No, go away."

Anna moved out of his reaching range, skipping over to his door.
"Can Ashley come too?" She asked, stopping in his doorway.

"Sure, fine." Daniel waved her off, "But you're paying!" He shouted as she shut his door, rolling his eyes.

Daniel definitely couldn't fall asleep now, deciding to get up and start his day before he went to Corbyn's and played chauffeur for Anna and Ashley.

He lost track of time until his phone buzzed beside him. Daniel shook his hair out, damp pieces laying flat against his forehead.

corbs :)

correction i'm still
having an identity crisis

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