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UGH! ; the 1975
february 4ᵗʰ


The next day, Daniel pulled into the school parking lot as the clock struck seven, turning his car off and opening the door. His sister had already taken off towards her friends as soon as the car had stopped.

Daniel grabbed his bag before tiredly walking towards the doors, stopping before he crossed over the parking lot as a car pulled up front, three kids with identical blonde hair getting out.

Daniel's heart skipped a beat as his eyes landed on the tallest one, watching as Corbyn walked into school with his brother and sister at each side.

An idea formed in Daniel's mind, beginning his trek into school as he fit it into his plan.

Walking to his usual spot he met Jack at before classes, he smiled as he saw Zach by his side.

"Hey, guys." Daniel said, stopping just in front of them. He leaned into the locker at his side, crossing his arms over his chest as they greeted him.

"I'm tired." Zach whined, leaning his head on Jack's shoulder.

Daniel shook his head with a small smile as he watched the two. Jack pet the side of his face with a pout, wrapping an arm around Zach's frame as he snuggled further into his body.

Daniel glanced around the hall as he let the two have their moment, knowing how much Jack liked Zach.

His eyes stopped on a particular blonde across the hall, following his movements and hoping to catch his eye as he walked in their direction.

He looked up from his phone a moment later, a cute scrunch of his nose appearing as he glanced around. Daniel felt his heart skip a beat as Corbyn's eyes locked with his, waving slightly as he passed Daniel on his way to class.

Daniel smiled at the greeting, saying a quick goodbye to Zach and Jack he doubted they even heard. He stepped around the crowds of people, maneuvering past them and falling in line with Corbyn.

"Good morning." Daniel chirped.

"Hey." Corbyn nodded towards him, glancing over at him with a small smile. "I see you didn't get kidnapped on your way home."

Daniel nodded with a proud look. "Nope. Made it home safe and sound."

Corbyn laughed lightly at that, shaking his head at the boy next to him. They didn't talk as they made their way to their first period class, exchanging soft smiles and waves as they made their way to their seats on opposite ends of the classroom.

Their encounters were short and slightly uncomfortable at times, but they meant everything to Daniel. The awkward smiles and forced chatter to Daniel meant that they were getting somewhere.

Anything with Corbyn meant something to Daniel, even if it didn't mean much to Corbyn.


A few hours later, Daniel was finally making his way out of class and to lunch.

As he stepped out of class, he squeaked in surprise when an arm dragged him to the side.

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