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dayDREAM ; collin selman
february 15ᵗʰ


"Corbyn, my love!" Daniel shouted, smile wide as the facetime call connected.

"You're still going with this? Valentine's Day is over."

Daniel shrugged, moving around his room as he picked stuff up. "But the month of love isn't over yet!"

"You're dumb." Corbyn snorted, sighing heavily as he shifted around. "What are you doing?"

Daniel looked over where his phone was now propped against a stack of books, cleaning up his desk that was cluttered with a week's worth of items.

"Cleaning. What are you doing? Still sleeping?" Daniel teased.

Corbyn flipped him off, tugging his hood over his head to cover his bed hair. His phone was close to his face, angled to show the way he laid on his side in his bed, eyes squinting

"It's still early," Corbyn whined.

"It's almost ten, I woke up at seven. It's not early." 

"Are you even listening to yourself?" Corbyn asked, looking at the boy in disbelief. "It's only 9:45! This is one of my only days to sleep in, so yes, it's early."

"Poor baby needs his beauty sleep?" Daniel pouted, "No wonder you look so cute every morning!"

"You know, you are the biggest flirt in the world," Corbyn laughed, smiling down at his phone.

"I don't hear you complaining," Daniel sang, reaching over to take a screenshot of his face before he could move. "Awe, don't you look adorable today. I guess you're just  naturally good looking and well rested."

"Stop," Corbyn dragged, hovering a hand over his mouth as he laughed. "I can't have one conversation with you without some kind of comment, can I?"

"Hey, you're the one who answered my call," Daniel pointed out. "You knew what was coming. Could've just ignored me."

"I wouldn't ignore you," Corbyn confessed, a light frown tugging his lips down. "That's just rude. I'm not rude."

Daniel looked hesitant, "Well...."

"Shut up, Seavey."

"See!" Daniel laughed, "You get so defensive. I didn't even say anything!"

"You implied enough," Corbyn grumbled. Daniel just shook his head, watching as Corbyn stretched out, eyes squinted and a small squeak falling from his lips.

"Well, wasn't that adorable," Daniel cooed, smirking as Corbyn glared at him. "Get up, we're doing something."

"Noooo," Corbyn whined, throwing his head back into his pillows. "I'm too tired, Dani."

Daniel felt his heart flutter every time Corbyn said his name, every time Corbyn even acknowledged his existence. The feeling of liking someone this much was overwhelming. Daniel had to catch his breath every time that feeling hit him, every time he thought of or saw the boy. His mind and heart were consumed by everything Corbyn, but he didn't mind all that much.

"Mm, don't care," Daniel said, "I'll be there at eleven. Get up."

Before Corbyn could protest, Daniel smiled with a short wave and a 'bye!' before hanging up. He laughed as less than a minute later, his phone lit up with a text.

corbs :)

i hate you.

are you getting ready ?

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