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SEEING BLIND ; niall horan
february 3ʳᵈ


In school the next day, Daniel waited patiently next to Corbyn's locker before first period, knowing he came to put his jacket away on most days.

When he spotted the blonde at the end of the hall, Daniel straightuened up, pretending to be doing something on his phone. He saw Corbyn pause from the corner of his eye as he got closer. He remained in a frozen state for a few moments before slowly walking towards Daniel.

"Hi." Corbyn said slowly, sounding confused. Daniel lifted his head when he heard Corbyn's voice.

"Good morning!" Daniel smiled, moving out of the way so Corbyn could open his locker.

Corbyn fiddled with his lock, only speaking again once he'd opened it. "Uh, did you need something?"

"Nope." Daniel leaned against the locker next to Corbyn, the boy finally looking over at him. He looked lost, Daniel fighting back his amusement as he confused the poor boy beyond what he knew.

"Was there any reason you were waiting at my locker, or..?"

"Oh, well, we have first period together." Daniel stated, Corbyn just giving him a look, confusion washed away as he wondered why Daniel was really here. "And Jack's running late and we always wait together before class starts. I didn't want to be alone." Daniel shrugged.

Corbyn's stayed silent, not saying anything. He turned away from Daniel to take his jacket off, putting it away before shutting his door.

Daniel watched him take a few steps away, deflating slightly at being ignored. His gaze dropped to the floor, biting his lip to hold back showing just how much that action made his heart ache.

"Are you coming or not?"

Daniel's head snapped up in surprise, seeing Corbyn standing a little further down the hall, waiting for him. His frown turned up at that, skipping over to Corbyn and beginning their journey to class.

"Do you have a partner for the English project?" Corbyn asked quietly, clearing his throat awkwardly. He couldn't help but look anywhere but the boy beside him, avoiding his gaze that never seemed to falter.

"No. Do you?"

Corbyn shook his head gently, watching Daniel's eyes light up slightly.

"Do you wanna be mine?" Daniel asked, feeling his cheeks heat up slightly at how that sounded.

"Sure. That's fine." Corbyn brushed off his words, walking into class just as the bell rang, Daniel right behind him.


Daniel made his way to his seat with a happy heart and a soft smile he couldn't fight off. He didn't know why, but every time Corbyn talked to him without Daniel making the first move to, it made him feel on top of the world.


At lunch, Daniel was pleasantly surprised to see Corbyn sitting at their table for the first time. The other three were already there, Daniel's heart picking up as he saw the only vacant spot occupied by a backpack, Corbyn by its side.

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