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SAY IT ; girl in red
february 8ᵗʰ


For the first time in a week, Daniel wasn't gonna see Corbyn. He couldn't help the pout that formed when he came to the realization that it was Saturday.

Daniel lay in bed that morning, for once cursing his internal clock that woke him up just as the sun rose outside. His arms were behind him, spread out against his pillow and supporting his head. His eyes were opened in slits, waking himself up slowly as he watched the change in the sky through his open curtains.

The early mornings gave off an air that Daniel adored. The sense of being awake to the still sleeping world around him and the silence that accompanied the mornings put Daniel at ease.

His mind felt cloudy, fogged with the frosty air in the best way possible. They were moments he could take in without being rushed, soaking in the feeling of just being so peacefully alone.

Daniel spent a long time in that position, watching the darkest of blues transform into the lightest of yellows and pinks, the morning rising before falling back into a somber blue for the day.

Shuffling down the stairs not long after, only creaks and heavy steps filled the air. Daniel paused at the bottom a moment, confused as he'd heard nothing save for the pattering of his footsteps as he slowly made his way into the kitchen.

He glanced down when he found a note left on the table, the neat handwriting being recognized as his moms.

Ran to the store, your dad left for work already. I should be back by 8.

Love, mom

Daniel took the notebook it was written in, reaching up above the fridge where they usually left it to put it back.

Daniel found himself bored already and he'd just officially gotten himself up. He had no one to entertain him, knowing all his friends were still asleep and would be for awhile.

Anna stayed over a friend's the night before, leaving Daniel completely by himself until his mom got back.

He hummed quietly as he moved around the kitchen, letting their dog out while he made coffee peacefully.

It wasn't long before his mom got home and he was helping her bring in groceries, making small talk as they put things away.

"Did you have fun last night?" Keri asked her son, noticing Daniel purposefully turn his body away from her as he put things in their cabinet.

"Yeah, of course. It was fun." Daniel shrugged, flushing red as he turned and noticed her intrusive stare. "What?"

"Nothing." Keri shrugged, going back to what she was doing. It was silent between them for a few minutes, room filled with nothing but the sounds of them moving things around and the opening's of cabinets and doors.

"Your new friend went as well, Corbyn, was it? The one that's come over a few times?" She asked eventually, Daniel almost groaning aloud at her tone of voice.

"Yes." He answered. "Why?"

"Nothing, I swear." She told him, noticing the look he gave her. Daniel only raised his eyebrows, putting down the item in his hand and crossing them over his chest. "Okay, Anna may have mentioned a thing or too."

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