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february 5ᵗʰ


"Why do we have to drive them?" Anna asked her brother, following after him as they left the house for school that morning.

"We don't have to." Daniel rolled his eyes. "I offered."

"Okay...why?" Anna looked over at Daniel as they both got in his car, eyebrows knit together in confusion.

Daniel felt flustered all of the sudden. "I-I, because—because we can, okay?" Daniel's voice raised an octave, clearing his throat as he looked away from Anna and focused on pulling down the street to Corbyn's house.

Anna raised her hands in defense, lips twitching in amusement.

Daniel parked in front of their house, sending Corbyn a quick text that he was there. A minute later, all three kids left the house.

Ashely reached over and smacked Jordan upside the head as they walked over, the two bickering over something. Daniel found his eyes more drawn to the boy behind them.

Corbyn turned around to see his siblings fight, rolling his eyes as he followed after them. Daniel focused his attention on the small scrunch of his eyebrows at the initial site of them, the way his head shook just barely before he exhaled, a cloud enclosing the space before him.

Ashley opened the door with no hesitation, sliding into the car with an enthusiastic "hi!" 

"Hey guys." Daniel smiled, turning to them briefly once they'd all gotten in the car.

Corbyn sat in the middle, him and Daniel glancing up at the same time, eyes locking through Daniel's front mirror.

If Daniel's nerves weren't bad enough around Corbyn, they doubled having his brother and sister in his car.

He wanted them to like him, though he didn't see much of a problem with that as Ashely almost immediately started up a conversation between them.

He laughed along as she told him about the horrors of living with her two brothers. He found conversation was easy between them, especially as she seemed to be quite sociable, a contrast to her two older brothers.

Daniel felt grateful that Anna joined him, complaining about how she had to grow up with three older brothers. The two seemed to bond quite well, talking through the short drive and even walking into school together once they'd arrived.

As Daniel dragged behind Jordan and Corbyn, he felt his heart sink as he watched his sister. He wished him and Corbyn could've connected that easily and quickly.

Walking into school, Daniel strayed from behind Corbyn, turning down a hall to use a different staircase.

As he made his way down the hall, he could see Jack and Zach in their usual spots outside the class they shared.

Daniel's heart felt heavy as he watched them, laughing with lovesick grins on their faces. They stood close, one hand intertwined as they talked.

As Zach looked up and noticed him, he plastered a friendly smile on his face.

Zach waved excitedly, getting a chuckle out of Daniel at his energy. Zach was quite literally a bundle of joy, Daniel grateful he got to be around someone like that. Despite how they may be feeling, their group was always all smiles around Zach, his positive energy transferring to anyone around him.

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