Chapter 11

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Harry's Pov

Hella yea I knew right then and there that were in, when T-nite had a big ass smirk on his face. Only fuck up thing was . King didn't want to meet up with us unless we saw nothing through out the club. He wanted us to to be sightless so he only agreed if we tied stripes of cloth around our eyes. Imma be honest I was scared asf I knew this man was dangerous, but we've been on this case for many years, and I be dam if i let it slip through my hands to throw this son-of-a-bitch behind bars.T-nite came and tied the strips of cloth over our eyes and guided us through this long asss distance. Which was King's man cave if you want to call it that.

"Hello," King spoke in a deep heavy voice. After a few moments he removed the strips from our faces. Removing the strips me and my partners stood up and gave King a firm handshake.

"How do you do." I replied. blinking my eyes trying to get a clear visual as from where the strip of cloth that was against my eyes.

"Thank you for giving us the time of the day to hear us out.

"Of course there's always time for business ." King said with a blank expression on his face.

" Well we were intrested in expanding your business, we thought teaming up with you, we could make bookoo loads of money together. I heard about you through the grapevine. That you're all about your money and so are we . We thought this would be a great investment. I mean who could go wrong with pussy?

"I'm flatterd about how much you want to work with me, but if you know more about my club you would know that it's more of a private club not anything big.

"Other clubs like yours are making banks and banks of money you kno--

Getting all excited as planned before i could finish my las word King pointed a gun directly at me.

" You're a cop, young cat aren't you ?." SItting there shocked I just looked as he screamed more."Answe me Fuck boy !!! Aren't you a cop?" King yelled walking closer towards me with the gun."

I was nervous as hell but i knew i could let it show.

"What? Fuck noooo. Do we look like fucking cops? I was just boosting you up."

Still unsure King made us undress just to see if we were wired. We were wired but we were wired within our clothes. This son of a bitch was smart, but not smart enough, Poor T-nite was just dumb as fuck. We stripped out of our clothes. King sttood there shocked a bit.

" Meet me in the hall ever you get stressed." He said as he walked out the door.

T-nites Pov

I so excited as fuck. I made a dea and I know King was proud of me. I waited as he came out the office.

"I was waiting for you at the doe." I joked skipping around. I was to happy and I was going to let it show. King thinks i;m dumb but ya boy got mad skills. I told him that these guys wern't cops they were clean and good business. I had dreams for Dollhouse. We were gonna go big. Still walking behind him he hadn't said a word. Couldn't anyone tell how he was feeling or what his mood was. We still walked until we came to an empty room. I guess he wanted to tell me what a grade job I did and not make any of the others feel bad. Shit i was just gone gloat my ass of.

"So you happy? What's on your mind." I smirked.

"I think these bitches are cops something isn't right. Why did your dumb ass bring them here without talking to me first? With stupid ass mistakes like this yo bitch ass won't never be able to run DollHouse.

" Calm down how could they be cops and they past every test you gave them ?"

" Let me just tell you this you make stupid mistakes. You bring you friend here, then the girl now you got under cover cops in my home. What the fuck kind of leadership are you trying to prove to me ? Only thing i see is a mistake of a man. We had good times but when you fuck with my money then you go to go."


King shot T-nite and sliced his neck.

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