Chapter 8

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China's Pov

I was furious as hell when I left the infirmary my pretty face was now stitched up. Trina gone get her ass beat next time i see that hoe. She don't know her place, but imma help the bitch known. Even though King had a litle time for the girls to go on break then back to the cell's, the rules didn't apply to me. So I marched in Kings office livid.

"What happend to you face?" King said walking towards me placing his hand on my face.

"T-nites lil bitch is what happend, that bitch attacked me like a wild mother fkin animal. She needs to be delt with," I said stomping my feet.

"Have a seat China," King said, pointing at the seat and taking a seat at his desk.

I sat down crossing my legs excited to hear what King was going to do about little missy.

" Now China you know you are really special to me. You been thought hell with me since day one, and you help built Doll House, but i think what you think me and you have going on is all in your head. So let me make it clear for you. Me and you are nothing not squat not dilly dot dat . Nothing. I'm the boss and you're the hoe i expect you to make my money.

" So wait. Hold the up wait a min. Let me put my two cents in this shit right here.I'm not just your hoe when you stick you dick all up in my pu---------"f

"China!" King cut her off. " Do you know how many of these girls I fuck at the end of the day. Yea you're special, all pussy is special so baby girl don't get it twisted. At the end of the day imma do what the fuck I want to do. So at the end of the day i don't want any more fighting are you'll have to get delt with. Yea you're my main one, but you have to understand where you stand.Now are you still going to fight.?"

" No." China said tasting her own salty tears."

"Good now come over here and do your job."

Feeling betrayed I got down on both knees.

T-Nites PoV

I know I was still in hot water for bringing Trina here she ain't have not one bit of training , but i was planning on giving it to her. When I walked into her cell she was layes out on the floor lookin up at the ceiling.

" I heard you been wanting me." I smirked. She looked at me with pure evil in her eyes. She got off the floor and marched towards me. I grabbed her arms and squeezed them until she screamed.

"Don't yo lil ass never walk up on me like that again okay. Now if you want to talk to me talk to me like and adult.

"Fuck you ! Bitch," She said then spitting in my face. "Where's King? Where the fuck am I?

I pushed her ass on the bed and wiped her spit off me.

" Don't try that shit again cause I will hurt yo little ass." Trina sat up on the bed not making any eye contact.

" Oh Rich.. Rich is dead." I said. tellinga flat out lie.

"No What? What the fuck happened to him she said crying."

" Rich was in debt he owed big time people that shoudn't be messed with he tryed to get money for you and your s------

She slapped me dead in my mouth before I could get son out my mouth. " You mother fucker you're lien Rich would never do anything like that. I never asked him for anything . You;re suppose to be his fking friend. Where the fuck is RICH?." She said slapping me once again.

I bit my lip. " Listen here bitch you got one more fucking time to touch me or spit on me. Rich was in fucking debt so to get even we got you ass to sale pussy until it's payed off." I said clenching my teeth together.

"You're fucking lien!" I'm not saling my self this s bullshit."

"Shut the fuck up it's not like you haven't done it before." I spat out.

" Trina made history, before she met Rich, she was a know prostitue down in Chicago , but Rich stupid ass didn't believe not one word. She had him wrapped around her finger even thought they were true. She had all trips up her sleeve. Leaving her baby boy with her mom while she did what it do.

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"What you think i'm talking about?" You ain't gotta play innocent with me I know you a lil hoe around the way, Trina. I know a bunch homies who murdered that pussy for a $ 50 dollar special . So what you do out there is the same thing in here. If you wanna get back to your son some day then i advice yo ass will learn to listen and get rid of that stank ass attitude.

" Niggga! what the fuck you expect me to be prancing around this bitch when you kidnapped me? Oh wait am I suppose to be cheesing singing along to the little Einstein remix? Huh? Huh? I had a fucking life but you took that shit away. When yo ugly black dirty neck ass kidnapped me.

" You're Lucky "

Trina slap the similac off of T-nites breath. " Lucky Nigga ain't nobody fucking lucky to be stuck in this shit hole. You are fucking sick in the fucking head.

T-Nite clenched his teeth and walked out the cell locking it. "Bitch." He snapped and walked away. Leaving Trina feeling up the room with jabs.

Trina was a bright chick. I knew she was obsessed with my homie Rich so he was a bit of distraction which she should be worrying about raising her son, but either way i ain't setting her ass free so she might as well float with ocean and get her ass in line.

I fixed my self up then walked into Kings office. " What u---- ." I paused as i realized is getting head from the QueenThotish, i backed out the door even though China got up wiping her mouth and pulled up her shirt.

"Na come on in," King said.

"My fault i didn't kno--

"Have a seat I just had some few things to set with China she's on her way to her cell.

I looked at China who was putting on her clothes, side of her face was fucked up,

"Dayummmm Who whooped yo ass?" She gave me a evil look. "Ya bitch did," she snapped and walked out.

"Who beat her ass?"

"Your little drop in."



" I just had a conversation with her. She now has a better understanding on what to expect." I said lien a little i know she still wasn't done for the bullshit.

" Listen T-nite i understand you take your job serious , but sometimes you can be stupid as fuck when it comes to making decisions, you put your foot in quick stand, and I always have to find a way to come save your ass. Not knowing the damage you cause."

"King , come on i know there is nothing I want more then to be part of this club, to bring success to it. I know you worked hard to get it to be known. I just want your trust and take over it one day.

"Well i ain't dead yet and i hope i won't be soon,"

" You know what i mean man. Nut anyway i talked to some investors who wanna part take in expanding the club. They wanna take it to , Vegas, Philly, and Orlando. They said we were brought up by Frank Miller.

" What makes you need i need someone to invest in my business? You ever thought i love where i am?

" No i just thought that you would like to make it worldwide?"

"FUCK THOSE INVESTOR'S." King snapped and walked out.

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