Kendall Jenner GxG Imagines by kendallsbbg
Kendall Jenner GxG Imaginesby kendallsbbg
Just some imagines of Y/N and Kenny!!!❤️❤️❤️
  • interracial
  • jenner
  • kylie
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The Icy Beta by bubblygal
The Icy Betaby bubblygal
Hailey Winter was abandoned by her parents since young. She had no memories of her parents and had no idea who were they. She grew up in an orphanage and was later adopt...
  • hailey
  • werewolf
  • girlxboy
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Our Future ✖Sequel To Unexpected Love✖ - COMPLETED ✔ by Alecia_Xo
Our Future ✖Sequel To Unexpected L...by OVOXO_Lover
"When Two Souls Fall In Love, There Is Nothing Else But The Yearning To Be Close To The Other. The Presence That Is Felt T...
  • kim
  • tylerthecreator
  • baldwin
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Jay Halstead & Hailey Upton  by B_rosebud25
Jay Halstead & Hailey Upton by Bailey
after being partners for 6 months Jay and Hailey have become great friends but when an accident happens that almost kills Hailey Jay starts to wonder if he has feelings...
  • hailey
  • halstead
  • upstead
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Perfectly Wrong || s.m. + c.c. by AllKindsOfShawn
Perfectly Wrong || s.m. + c.c.by JT
A toxic relationship can be just as beautiful. This is based off Shawn's song, "Perfectly Wrong" but it's told more from a girl's POV. Highest rankings ~ #1...
  • jackgilinsky
  • camila
  • hussey
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Blesiv by blesivstan
Blesivby Blesiv._.Stan
hope you enjoy it
  • hailey
  • ona
  • carlosmena
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The One And Only Reaper! (Fairytail X Naruto) by HaileyXOXOkiller
The One And Only Reaper! (Fairytai...by HaileyXOXOkiller
What would happen if a Fairy found herself in a new world? What would happen to her original home? Does she ever go home? What if she falls in love? Find out what happen...
  • singing
  • naruto
  • hailey
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Musical.ly Lovers by HaileyxAlex
Musical.ly Loversby Hailex
(16+ MATURE) Hailey Orona is just a normal 15 year old girl, she goes to high school with a bunch of friends, a loving boyfriend, she literally the popular girl of the s...
  • romance
  • alex
  • hailex
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Sext || Alex Guzman by xXPinkSeaXx
Sext || Alex Guzmanby -A
Sext ©2018 "Did I really just get sexted?"
  • blesiv
  • smutwarning
  • hailey
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Lost Wings by MLB998
Lost Wingsby MLB998
With her mother's diary in hand, Hailey now has more chance of finding her than ever. Her search will lead her on a journey to one of the more obscure places of the kin...
  • fantasy
  • quest
  • hailey
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The Repears Return! (Fairytail X Naruto) by HaileyXOXOkiller
The Repears Return! (Fairytail X N...by HaileyXOXOkiller
She's back, and she's smarter, and stronger. After attempting to learn her family's jutsu, for almost three years. Will she find herself in the Naruto world? What would...
  • sequel
  • sauske
  • tag
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How I Met Her (Hailey/You) by coollbeansss
How I Met Her (Hailey/You)by coolbeans
Y/N Y/L/N, 22. Singer/Song writer. Single, lives on his own in California. He just finished tour and was currently roaming around New York. Hailey Baldwin, 21. Model. S...
  • kimkardashian
  • bellahadid
  • gigihadid
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Love By The First Like (VOLTOOID) by -mynameisgirl-
Love By The First Like (VOLTOOID)by Famke
An Instagram story. Pictures, likes, reactions, love and more. Featuring Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes and more! Started at the 15th of September 2018 🏅1k reads on 10/10...
  • hailey
  • haileesteinfeld
  • arianagrande
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New Rider At The Yard // Free Rein Fanfic by StarWarrior1221
New Rider At The Yard // Free Rein...by Meghan Donovan
Hailey is a normal 16 year old girl, kind of. All right, she's not at all normal. She's moving to England with her horse, Acorn, to live with Hailey's cousins, Sam and...
  • 2020summerolympics
  • acorn
  • freerein
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Mending Our Love by bubblygal
Mending Our Loveby bubblygal
He held the bloodline of the Beta and the Beast. She held the bloodline of the Gamma. They were destined to be together since born. But one incident pulled them apart fo...
  • kylie
  • icy
  • fiery
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Instagram // Hailey Orona by storyofmylifeteller
Instagram // Hailey Oronaby storyofmylifeteller
All in the title honey 😘
  • giovanny
  • trevejo
  • gio2saucy
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Tour made it happen by abiwesthoff
Tour made it happenby Abi
The tour made everything begin. This is a story where you and Alex get together but there's a lot of confusion on the way :)
  • hailex
  • 2018
  • christopherromero
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The White Lion by rainbcws
The White Lionby brigitte!
In which a girl and her friends travel to a different planet and fight crime in a robot that's basically a space power ranger Started: August 14, 2016 Ended:
  • legendary
  • hailey
  • white
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infatuation ➳ devanté swing by killpowers
infatuation ➳ devanté swingby RATCHET SATURN GIRL.
22 year old Sydney James is an intern of the arts and repertoire department at Uptown Records. The record company is home to artists such as Al B. Sure!, Heavy D, Mary J...
  • swing
  • jojo
  • theshowtheafterpartythehotel
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Swapped Feelings | ✓ by Gorgeous_enyah
Swapped Feelings | ✓by _BTS_
[Sequel to Swapped Love] [Highest Ranking #6 in Teen Fiction - 17.8.2016] Allison's life is a mess again. 1) Jared Grey has returned after five years, but colder and mor...
  • swapped
  • allison
  • office
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