Chapter 5

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T-Nites Pov

I Stood in King's office. Waiting for him to speak. I knew he wasn't to go off the way his jaws were clenched.Word got around that Trina was here, and I knew I had fucked up. Shit I want to be the one to tellem out of my own mouth, but these bitch ass snitches beat me to the punch.

"So you the boss now huh? You make the calls. I ain't nobody. Huh? King spoke as he filled his glass with vodka.

"Ugh. I just wanted to......."

"Let me tell you something T-nite. You work for me. And you do what the fuck I tell you to do not what you want to do. This ain't no trashy ass hoodrat ass business. I don't need new hoes. Especially hoes I don't know shit about. I have a rep that could be on the line, because of the dumb ass moves you make.

"But King. I know shawty got what it takes. She's Rich's girl."


"And we can use that against him."

"This mother fucka is one popular young blood. It's time to change that." King said taking a drink of his vodka. As of right now. You have, but me in one fucked up place. T-nite I have the kill the bitch or make her ass work. She seen and probably know to much for her own good.

I knew i had fucked up. I just needed the time to prove that I made a mistake and I needed to fix it right away. Like A.S.A.P. With King still weighting his options. China bust inside the room.

"T-Nite, You need to tame yo new bitch," she went on.

"Is she causing problems?" King asked while shooting a look at me.

"Her little stank ass attitude gone cause her to get a straight ass whooping."

" I got this. Don't worry I'll take care of everything.I promise I won't let you down King."

I knew all of the operations of the Doll House off rip. I had everything under control. With nothing to worry about.

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