Chapter 3

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Yasssssss I'm on Thanks Giving break yasssssss Huntyy. Yall just don't know I been stressing my fucking assssss off like dam! But hear yall go.

Haileys Pov

I started backing up into a corner with a confused look on my face.

"Ugh Excuse" I asked still backing up realizing I wasn't going anywhere." It still didn;t fully hit me but i know she just can't say she wanted my kitty. It couldn't be i must be trippy.

"Don't worry babycakes i'll be gentle." she said as she sat on the bed.Motioning for me to come sit next to her. Now I was feeling sick. I couldn't have sex with a girl i don't dig females in that kind of way." I only kissed girls during my college years with some drinking games and shit.

I guess King expected me to keep my deal, the deal was I did as he said in order to keep Rich alive. I slowly walked over to Morgan. I tried to hide my body but the see through lingerie exposed everthing on my play ground.

"This must be your first time with a girl"

I nodded my head.

"I'm sorry, When king told me I thought you did it all.

I wasn't feeling to shit i wanted it to be done and over with. I planned on closing my eyes the whole entire time and hope it would be over quick.

"if you don't wanna do this is cool I understand."

I knew i couldnt turn this down. This probably was some type of test King was putting me though.

"Do you mind if i get a quick drink first?" I asked.

"No it's okay?"

" I went over and took a drink off the shelf ." I threw the shots back as she watched me

Thinking about Rich I knew I had a job to do. I walked back over by Morgan and sat beside her. She traced the top of my breast with her blue nauls. She was a gorgeous woman but i wasn't into all that freaky shit.

"Dont be afraid i won't bite"

Morgan quickly slipped out of her clothes showing her blue Victoria Secret 2 piece that was underneath her clothes. Without hesitation she stripped me and attacked what as between my legs.Making me throw my head back in confusion as pleasure filled over me.

With one hand she roamed my body up to my breast and the other one playing with my clit. Even though i wasn't into girls she could put it down.I had to deal with whatever she did to me just to keep Rich a live.

She flickers her tounge and sent me to and edge. I layed there thinking about Rich the whole time. From where Morgan did as she pleased to me rubbing our clits together had me a in a whole other world.

As she was done she got dressed and left. I still sat on the bed naked with my covers pulled over my chest. I knew it wasnt gonna e more costumers more like her. As i heard sat on the bed I heard a knock at the door.

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