Chapter 10

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-T-nites Pov

I made my way to King's office, catching the sweaty hands, But i never dropped the bag that had the money. I opened the door, and King was facing the screens from the camera. I knew at that point he already knew what i had done.

: King I know wat it looks like, but let me explain.?'

"No i got a better suggestion, explain to me why i shouldn't shoot ya lil black ass. You going against me when i told yo ass I was fine." King said raising his voice.Huh?"

I poured the money on his desk. Tightly banded stacks.

"What is this?"

"Ten million dollars that;s half of the deal. I knew you want to keep Doll house a secret but what if we are all pinoeers in the sex industry."

"Are you serious or are you fucking stupid? T-nite Prostitution is illegal. One main reason this is a private business.It's not to be known that's why people use Doll house it's private they cheat here, know one will ever know.Just drop the deal and keep it my way okay."

" NO ! i'm tired of keeping it your way. We won't ever get anything or anywhere big if we don't have business partners. You told me it will be mines one day. So one day i will have partners, whty not start that now? " What the fuck are you so afraid of? Do you hear me?"

" I hear you, but do you really expect me to waste my time to just say no?" I think i'll pass on this offer. What if these men are cops? Have you thought about that? Or is your head so wrapped around this money?"

"You're just quick to throw money away? You need to learn to trust people . If it makes it any better i'll ask Que my self."

"Wait you never even asked him?" You didn't confirm the source. You are killing me. Have you been listening to anything i said abour business? Matter fact i'll entertain the little guys. 15 mins to convince me why we need them.

Haileys Pov

After taking 5 glasses of Patron i would hope that i passed out somewhere. Most of the guys usually wanted sex with the drunken one so they could take could take advantage of her. Time to Time i would wake up to cheap after shave and the sounds of leaves getting stepped on but that would be just a guy shaving. I assumed King was pleased with my effort since I was doing it to keep Rich alive and he's not dead yet plus he sent China to bring me expensive nice clothes and shoes. She told me my rank was moving up, and the gifts rewards from King. Even though i didn't want anything from him. I asked about Rich every time China came around and she would tell me he was fine.

A knock on the door broke my thoughts.

"Come in." said with no enthusiasm in my voice It was becoming a pattern

I looked up to see Morgan, she walked towards me with the gun in her hand.I got up like a robot.

" Go ahead and go it." I said closing me eyes.

"Girl brang yo ass on."

"Just take me out."

"You heard what i said brang yo rabbit ass on," He snatched me by my arm.

I didn't mouth another word i walked in front of her.Feeling the gun in my back.

" Bruh, Morgan why you just couldn't take a sista out ?" You wanted to since i got here ?" You act like i beeged to be in this shit."

She was still quiet even though i was tispy as hell. Then i noticed this was the same hallway i went through when i saw Rich. After noticing that i shot my mouth.

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