Chapter 2

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Haileys Pov ( Yall Missed me?)

I looked in the mirror that stood before me. Shit didn't change i found my self doing the shit I was avoiding. I was forced to this shit and I didn't like it. I begged them to kill me, i think they like the sight of me suffering. China made me her little project to twittle and twattle with. I hated this bitch by the second.Tears of anger sat in the corner of my eyes. As she began to fix me up for the next customer.

I looked like a whole different person after she got done. She was a fucking pro she managed to hide all the bruices i got after they beat my ass after running. Me and Lauren put up a hell of a fight until her bitch ass hit me with the gun.I had a bruise on my left cheek which was now faded.

I sat alone in room 0236 and listened to the footsteps outside the door. I tried to find my happy place and think postive that me and Rich both will be free soon. I often would beat my self up for giving up on us. It ain't like iI had a choice though.

After me and Rich slept with each other. I felt like my fantasy was finally coming true. He was my distraction from my life. I had a lot going on at the time. He was my new breath of fresh air. Until I met this broad who said she was the mother of his child. The next morning me and Rich agreed to get breakfast and spend the last little of time we had together.

I felt my self in a zone i couldn't hold in how i felt about him anymore.I didn't know about us, but i wanted to be something. i was hoping that he would want to make it work also.When I arrived . I saw the same Puerto Rican chick at the hotel party.

He looked at me then started walking towards me, "Hey, Bitch I know that you don't know me. But i dam sure know that you know my man."

"Excuse you?"

"Rich. Bitch! I'm his girlfriend. We been on a break, but it's all over now sweetie we are back together.We're having a baby and we're just gonna be one big happy family."

"Repeat ya self again." This bitch had to be out of her mind. I know dam well she wasn't talking bout my Rich. He promised me he wasn't like the other low down dirty niggas.He never showed any actions tha there was somebody else. How he touched on my body and made love to me.

"I'm with child. Woman to Woman, I don't think it's being. Any more than fair to talk to you and let you know where I'm coming from.Now honey, I don't know how you're gonna take this But whether you be cool or come out of a bag on me.You see it doesn't really make any difference .But it's only fair that I let you know that. The man you're in love with he's mine. I'm not trying to hurt your feelings or anything thing, but he already knows where home is."

"Okay Thank you." Was all i said as I got back into my car. I mean i couldn't do much. Me and Rich just had a 3 day affair. He pretended to like me for 3 days. I guess i was his entertainment. I still thought about him day and night even after the baby momma drama. Which i was one of them. Despite how he lied to me and i ended up being pregnant not knowing if i would ever see him again.. I got an abortion. Breaking my thoughts i heard a knock on the door. My heart began to race. I sat on the bed thinking on what kind of worthly piece of shit stood on the otherside. My immeditaley thought that King was behind this.

"Come in ." I said in a low tone. The door flung opened, and a tan colored girl who was in dressed in a mini skirt that hugged her hips and ass and white crop top showing off her flat stomach. She was sexy she reminded me of Kim K a litle.. I then relaxed thinking that King was just sending people to check up one me.

" He--." Before she could get done I cut her off.

"Listen China already told me whats going on I understand everything."

"Work? Oh no sexy. I don't work here. She said as she began to make circles around me." I'm Morgan." She walking over to close the door not taking her eyes from off me," King recommeded you baby. It wasn't to tell you what to do. It was for me to be like anyother customers and play with that kitty."

She said winking at me.

"What the Fuck." I thought to my self.

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