Chapter 4

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China POV

I sat a the bar waiting for my drinks that i ordered. Since King gave me a little time to my self. After my drinks arrived Morgan brought her little fine ass over and sat next to me. She was one of the females who was a member. She often had an appetite for p*ssy, which was a secret from her husband since he was a pastor. She chose us because the club has a privacy policy. She had to keep her self save she could let her rich Christian husband. She threw her sins way in the back of the closet.

I knew that she would of had fun with Hailey, So it would all play out smooth. I suggested King to let Morgan be Haileys first customer after out late night session. Even though i knew she ain't like girls, but hey the girl had to pay for running away. Morgan was unbelievably sexy. She was so could she make a old ass woman feel young again.

I loved when she came around. She was one of the few people who could make me moan in harmony. She was a true freak, And i loved every bit of it. I thought Hailey should get a feel of the orgasmic feeling coming from a female. since she was only with men which was normal for her. It was my job to fully break her so that she understands that King isn't with the bullshit.

" How was it?" I asked Morgan while sipping from my glass.

"It was okay, she was a very gorgeous girl, but she was stiff the whole time. I pretty much could tell it was her first time."

"As long as you left satisfied. That's all I'm worried about."

"Tuh girl you know me. I got mine."

"Good I said kissing her on her glossy lips.I want you in my bed next ." I said putting my hand in her lap.

"Now girl you know you are my favorite.. Trust in believe i'll be back."

The next day i went in the lunch area. and swiped up a couple more drinks. Finding my self in my own room. I normally slept at Kings but when i went to see him in his room to show how much i missed his presence. He through that busy shit in my face which was some bullshit. He always made time for a mini head session. I was still a lil tipsy when i woke up but i remembered that shit. He was starting to act funny and some shit wasn't adding up i didn't like that not one bit.

Steak, potatoes, bbroccoli/cheese and asparagus was pretty much the usual for lunch. I grabbed a plate and walked to the front of the line. I pretty much ran it i wasn't with all that waiting.

"Excuse you bitch" I heard a voice say behind me. When i turned around, I small girl standing with her plate muggin with her left hand on her hip and the other holding the plate.

"Um can i help you hoe?"

"Just in case yo ass ain't know the line starte back there." She said pointing to the back.

"Oh hunny i don't need to know where the line ends. As long as i know where it stops that's what matters to me. You might want to relax, this food ain't going no where. "What's your name?" I honestly had no idea who the rude little bitch was. I knew everyone who worked in Dollhouse. So no matter how much she whined it ain't matter. Come to think about it King never mentioned bringing in any new girl which made me curious.

"Um Hell are you deaf? I asked you a fucking question."

"I have a better question." Where in the hell am i? She yelled. I know T-nite lump nose ass has something to do with this. As soon as i get my hand on a phone imma call the cops and have this shit shut down.

After she said T-nites name a light bulb went on in my head with her still talking i don't know what the fuck she was talking about. I honestly didn't care. "Where's T-nite anyway?"

That was a great question. Where in the hell was T-Nite.

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