Chapter 9

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Rich's Pov

It's been a min since i been in this fkin room when no fucking windows. A nigga was claustrophobia in this small ass room. I did feel a little better when the female guard opened the door to give me a tray of food. She ain't say much at first she was always mugging. Soon enough since the days went by with me being in this shit she cracked a smile or two every now and then started making conversation. She was pretty nice if you call it that, but this shit wasn't know meet and greet. I just wanted to Hailey and run off to the sunset. She didn't deserve any of this shit. All my ideas were beat the the thought of my hands still tied behind my back.

The guard would come feed me and help me use the bathroom. After a while i buzzed in her ear. That i was a grown man and i could pretty much do shit on my own.

"Listen guard I really don't know how you're able to do shit like this, but thank you i said rubbing my wrist. The cuffs had left marks onto my skin.

" Don't thank me, I know you're going to be here for a long time.So i thought you should be comfortable." While throwing the blanket on the bed.

" Do you need anything before i leave." She smirked .

" Yea water would be nice. Please and thank you."

"Ok i'll be right back.

My claustrophobia might of been getting to a nigga, but i could of swore shorty was flirting with me. I didn't know why i smelled like straight feet and ass. She came me the help i needed without any extra teeth sucking neck rolling shit like that. She wasn't no ugly girl, but you could tell she went through bullshit. I didn't know how long this nigga King was planning on keeping me, hell i didn't even know if i wanted to find out. Shorty came back in handing me a cup of water.

"Thank you," I said downing the water.

"You're welcome well bye," she said closing the door.

"Wait!," I yelled. I needed to know some shit and I knew she had all the answers.

" I know you are very head up when it comes to your job, but i needed questions to be answered. You can just say yes or no

She shook her head and remained quiet.

"Is Hailey still alive?"


"Is she ok"


"Can you tell me where she is."


"Do you know why she's here?"


"Can you tell me why?"



"Trina, right?" I asked shocked to shocked she was here. What's going on?"

"Don't play stupid bitch me bitch. Yo hoe ass prolly got my man in this mess huh? This shit is all your fault he's gone."

" Listen here you ain't gone sit up here and disrespect me. Because on bitch i don't know what the fuck is going on my dam self. Only fucking thing i know is that i seen him here once and he's suppose to help me get the fuck out of here."

" Wait pause why in the fuck is he always so called concerned about you? Huh? Wait let me get this. So my man put his own life out there on the line to safe you? I thought he owed some money.

" I don't know anything about not money. Rich tried to help me get free, but i plans got fucked up."

I felt bad even though the bitch was disrespectful i knew there were together, i tried to respect that but she was always looking at me sideways i didn't know what else she wanted from me.

"Why are you even here? I asked

" I came to visit Rich, but he wasn't there, T-nite black hound dog mouth ass drugged me and i wake up here not knowing what the fuck is going on. Where the fuck are we.?"

"Hell on earth."

Laurens Pov

I felt bad for Rich even though i was putting my job on the line for giving him special treatment i actually felt bad for him. Even thought he put his self in this shit for trying to safe Haileys stupid ass. I bet he regretted trying too save her ass. I wanted to be honest with King i did my job well. I walked in to his office with my head up knocking then walking in seeing him watching the surveillance screens.

"King can i speak to you?"

"Yea what is it?" he asked still not looking up from the screens.

"It's about Rich. I thought--"

" That not important. I have other things to worry about . It's time for club hours, and T-nite is down stairs by the bar tell em to get to my office Now."

Well i tried I guess i;ll just try to get him another time. Since Kings patience was short as China's hair.I walked to the elevator making my say to the floor where T-nite was. Waiting for the doors to open. Hundred of drunken people dance along the door while the naked waitresses served drinks. The club looked way more bunched with people then any other day. I took a stroll through the crowd until i seen T-nite with to guys. They were newbies you could tell by the sketchers ole boy on the right had on.

"To a new start," I heard T-nite say and toasting his glass up with the two guys.

"T-nite King requested to see you, I said ignoring the two guest.

"Morgan come here I want you to meet. Peter Roberts and Cricket Walker. They're potential investors in this club."

" What investor wears sketchers though." I thought to my self.

" Nice to meet you both." I flashed a fake smile.

"Trina is head of security. Will you guys give me a moment I'll be right back, We'll talk about it when I get back.

T-nite was entertaining me like he owned the club.


" He took the bait, dumb mother fucker," I said into my collar as the Little blue looking fellow walked away with the guard. He was way easier to connect then i thought. I didn't think it would be so easy.. We had another worker Milton Que who was better known as Charles Washington he'd undercover for almost two years now. He was able to build a successful relationship with King. I could of went after him then, but we didn't have much dirt on him. He managed to get away every time, but this time we had him just where we wanted him. Some where in this building was innocent women who were held to prostitution. I was the first to put away this mother fucker. When we got out contact it would be on and poppin. "You think it's gonna work Que asked?:" Sipping on his water.

" It should. Well i'm pretty sure King isn't up for new friends. The man is a criminal so i pretty sure he doesn't trust many."

" But we're not coming in here as any other customers right?"

"Right. Once T-nite Shows King the ten million dollars we could have King in the palm of our hands.

" I hope so Que said not as positive.

My fingers are on fire yall, but im making up for lost time .

Yall loving it ?

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