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Okay Okay Yall I was sitting in English class today not even paying attention and I seen my Doll House was getting alot of love so i started doodling and stuff. And came up with this . Yasssss Btw Trina Is Rich's Girlfriend she wasn't introduced in the first half at all she was just mentioned and she had bits in pieces yall. And for new readers You have to read Doll House to get what's going one . But yassssssss Yall they back. ♥♥♥ I hope yall enjoy it.


Trina Pov

It's been weeks since I talked to my baby Rich. It's not like him to up and leave not talking to me. He would call a few times a day. I made sure he wasn't doing nothing he wasn't suppose to do. The last time we talked he promised me that he was going to send for me and my son as soon as he got on his feet.Hell it seemed like that shit wasn't never gone happen anytime this year. So I felt as if I had to push the issue.

I spend years turning Rich into the man I always dreamed of having, after all that hard work I wasn't planning on losing him from bullshit or hoes that would throw themselves at my man. It was almost summer now, my baby boy would be going to spend a few weeks with my mom in Washington, but since my son and my mom had a close bond she insisted on him coming early. I didn't give words back. Of course I was worried about my man.After leaving my son with my mom I set off to the big A.

When I arrived at the airport hoping I would have a miss call from Rich. Sadly I didn't I called him but got nothing but the voicemail. I started to worry thinking my relationship was on the line. Could this be the end? As I found a bench to sit on. I remembered his friends T-Nites address. Well I had not choice me and Rich would sent lovey dubby packages to one another and that would be the address he would give me.

After a 40 minute cab ride. I looked out the window to see a bit fancy apartment complex. It was a nice quiet area to live in. Way better then the area I lived in. I got out the cab making my way to the store looking at the names of residents that were posted in the front of the building. I ranged the doorbell of a name by Woodson. That had to be Rich's friend I felt it in my gut. I called Rich again still hearing the voice mail. Still waiting outside I thought to my self if this nigga was in this house I was gone beat his ass. I wonder what the fuck he would have to say for his reason not returning my calls.

"Who is it?" A deep voice jumped on the intercom.



" I'm Looking for Rich."

"Come on up.I'm unit 0510."

I grabbed my bags and opened up the gate as I was buzzed in.I followed the numbers until I seen 0510. Rich bout to get his ass whoop if he thought he could just throw me away.I gave the door two knocks.My heart started racing from me being so nervous..

"Hey Ma. How you doing? Ain't see you in a while," T-Nite said. opening up the door wider. I met him three or 4 times before.

"Good.What about you?" I asked walking inside with my bags.

"I been ight. Just tired as hell from all this working and shit. So what brings you all the way down here?"

"Rich, it's been a while seen we talked and I won't to get to the bottom of it. Hell yall roomates tell me whats going on right now." I demanded.

"Calm down ma. Rich ain't been ignoring you he lost his phone. I can promise you that the nigga stay talking about you. You got my nigga pussy whipped.He got this new job that got him busy. The nigga be looking like a zombie when he come back in the house.You wanna crash here until he gets back? I know my nigga will love to see you when he gets home."

" If it ain't a problem."

"Listen ma you're my best-friends girl. What type of a best friend would I be if I let my nigga sexy ass girl stay out in the cold?

"Why thank you."

It's my pleasure ma. Can I get you anything? You hungry? Thirsty?"

"Can I get something to drink well water please?" I asked as walked around examining the apartment. All I seen was stuff that belonged to T-Nite.

T-Nite came back in the room where i was and handed me a cold class of water. He was so nice and caring. It made me know that my baby was hanging with somebody good.

"Please make you self at home."T-Nite said flopping down on the couch."How was you flight?"

"It was okay.Just a lil noisy with bad ass kids running around. I said taking off my jacket feeling week and sleepy all of a sudden. I knew my flight was tiring but it wasn't normal to just have drops out of no where for me.

"Where's Rich's room I think i need a n-----"

I dropped before I could get the words out...

What yall think?

What yall think about T-nite bitch ass?

Is Trina in danger?

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