Chapter 7♥

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Harry's PoV

"Shit we been looking for this bastard for over 5 years now," I said banging on the table. We more information then we need to know that is in charge of some sort of slave business some where in Atlanta. It's time to put all this together and see the shit for ourselves. We were able to get a list for Doll House., so we're going to look around our first visit. "You got it?"

I sipped on my tea as my partner looked at me with a smirk. We been looking for this sick bastard King for far to long.We're never able to get close to this little bitch. He was smart he pretty much knew if we were near. He's been able to escape the police to much. It was crazy how often he got away. I was starting to think that somehow he had connections to the feds. I mean the guy hasn't been locked not one time with the bullshit he's been pulling. Then again the crimes he does would get him thrown away. My plan was to get rid of King and Doll House.

Laurens Pov

I paced my steps back and forth as I watched the girls in the hall, thinking of how much i hated this shit of a job. When King came to me a while back asking me to be a guard, he promised me i would be head of security and not some useless baby sitter for some grown mother fuckers. I was a little shakey about the offer, but he grabbed me and told me he wouldn't take no for an answer he'd heard i was the best. So with me being a dumb ass I left a good paying job working for the state to work for this stupid ass club even thought i got payed twice as much then my state job.

"Break time is over, ladies. Back in you cells. I I yelled watching them one by one spread out going to their cells. I chewed on my gum until i heard a snappy voice approach behind me. " I demand to speak to somebody right mother fucking now". I turned around to see the chick that T-nite brought in.

"Go back to your cell before I clock you ass in the head," I said reaching for my gun.

" Bitch you heard what the fuck I said , I wanna talk to somebody. NOW!

Hearing all the fuss China brought her nosey ass over. "Whats going on?" She asked with her hands on her hips.

" This little fucker right here is demanding to king. I said looking at the girl.

" Listen here Trina, I don't know who are what you call your self, but when it comes to King he'll talk to you when he's good and ready. So them little tantrums you so called throwing ain't gone work here so I advice you to be a good little girl and sit ya ass down some where." China said with her hands still on her hips.

Before I could tell Trina to go back to her cell. She mushed the fuck out of China causing her to fall backwards. Then jumping on top of her grabbing a fistful of her hair punching her. I sat back laughin my ass off i found it entertaining, since China always walked around the club with her ass on her shoulders thinking she was the shit, but shit i guess she finally met her match.

I fired my gun in the air. "Break it up, I shouted, becoming intrerested in watching China whine. I sent her to the infirmary to get her face checked out. Then looked are Trina. " You . You come with me." I motioned Trina to come with me.

I grabbed Trina tiny arm with her hair all while and crazy over her face like a spider web. We walked down the hallway until we reacher her cell. I pushed her in the cell and locking the door behind me. King didn't allow petty ass uncalled for bullshit in the club sure enought not fighting so pretty much she will get her wish to to talk tot him. I just knew i didn't wanna be there it wasn't going to be pretty.

After leaving her cell i did the rest of my rounds making sure all the girls were in there cells. Then i made my way down to see Rich.

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