Second Love and Marriage 2 (Completed) by Arshichamkili9
Second Love and Marriage 2 ( Renuarshi
He betrayed, hurted the people who love him most and now he is in need of them.. Will he get his happiness back ??
  • second
  • arshi
  • khushi
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Monachopsis by ElaineAbbott
Monachopsisby Elaine Abbott
"I don't care about you as much as I care about her." His eyes narrowed in hatred for me, hatred because I wasn't my sister. "This isn't how the mate bon...
  • love
  • secondchancemate
  • werewolves
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The Fiery Alpha by bubblygal
The Fiery Alphaby bubblygal
The Fiery Alpha (a.k.a A Change of Heart) 4 years ago, Jayden's mate Cassidy was found dead and her dead body was lying casually on the road. Unable to find any clues, t...
  • werewolf
  • change
  • madelynn
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Defying Fate by TabithaLeRaye
Defying Fateby TabithaLeRaye
"Look. You're my mate so of course I want you. But I want Aubrey, too. And I think I've figured out a way to make this work for all of us. I can keep dating Aubrey...
  • love
  • second
  • werewolves
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Dates of his youth by Pfunzo18
Dates of his youthby Comicallymade
Coveting starts with wanting something that doesn't belong to you. A prince surely belongs to everyone, doesn't he? Gina set her eyes on many men, changing them as soon...
  • wattys-2017
  • billionaire
  • theliteraryawards2017
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Second Chance Mate by TheVampOfSavannah
Second Chance Mateby Hanna Laine
Harlow Blood doesn't have the best backs story. No one knows who her parents are, but they do know she's small and weak. So they abuse her, but almost secretly. You see...
  • daughter
  • harlow
  • alphafemale
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Rejected and Proud (Under serious editing) by GoldenSummerSet
Rejected and Proud (Under GoldenSummerSet
Lola White was one of those girls who get bullied abused and mistreated. Her parents died. Her brother turned against her. The whole school makes fun of her even her pac...
  • pranks
  • teenfiction
  • funny
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Red Ribbons (Forgotten Series #1) by AMLKoski
Red Ribbons (Forgotten Series #1)by Anna Koski
EDITED VERSION ~~~~~~~ Book One of the Forgotten Series. ~~~~~ An Omega must do as an Omega is told. The lesson had been burned into her brain since she was ten years...
  • second
  • chance
  • romance
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Doom Lord by AlexanderSaridis
Doom Lordby Alexander Saridis
The world had started doomsday, and I struggled for a year, before I died under an enchanted beast's claw. Heaven has given me another chance, back a day before the end...
  • growth
  • game
  • apocalypse
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Second Chance At Life. Second Chance At Love. by IrishShewolf
Second Chance At Life. Second Sinead
Katie Knight found her mate at the age of 16 and were madly in love. But when he dies after a rogue attack he makes her promise that she will find someone else to love a...
  • kids
  • kidnap
  • chance
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In The Heat by katnisslerman16
In The Heatby Abigail Lynne
Caroline Ryder doesn't believe in fate. She doesn't believe in destiny either. If either existed than her mate wouldn't have been killed before she had the chance to kno...
  • protective
  • alpha
  • wolf
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Perfect ✔️ by SamanthaJayne_x
Perfect ✔️by Samantha Jayne
Katie Sparks is finally free. She never dreamed she would be raising a child on her own and she never dreamed she would be in a relationship with her brother's best frie...
  • teenager
  • well
  • chance
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Rebirth of MC (BL - BOY'S LOVE) by LyzetteFlores986
Rebirth of MC (BL - BOY'S LOVE)by Lyzette Flores Translator: ShenHua Editor: Jadelin 重生之或跃在渊 (Rebirth of...
  • weak
  • zombies
  • devoted
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Second Chance Mate by KittenLovesEmos
Second Chance Mateby Kitten Marie
Second Chance Mate "I, Spencer Austin Smith, alpha of the Silver Bear Tribe, reject you, Austin Justine Stephens, as my mate and Luna of this pack. I relieve you of...
  • mate
  • second
  • boyxboy
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Book 2: Elijah's Mate  by thesupernaturalTeen
Book 2: Elijah's Mate by the supernatural Teenwolf Mer...
Elijah tried to hide how he felt. All the Mikealsons did. If any of their enemy's knew what happened they would use that against them. They would use Jennifer against th...
  • neworleans
  • book
  • twins
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Last; ~P.J.M~ [COMPLETED] by HeyoItsSomeone
Last; ~P.J.M~ [COMPLETED]by 🐇Bun Bun🐇
Started: June 30th, 2017 Finished: July 16th, 2017 Rank(s): #924 in FanFiction- 7/17/17 #895 in FanFiction- 7/21/17 #678 in FanFiction- 8/3/17 #645 in Fanfiction- 8/1/1...
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The Tiger Girl by WolfLover660
The Tiger Girlby ♡Winter Wolf♡
Lily Dahlia is one of a kind. Or so she thought..? She is a guardian. A tiger guardian. She can transform into a tiger at will. One day, she was taken away from her abus...
  • weretiger
  • abused
  • mates
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Cover credit @haritha_07 It maybe second... but my love for you increases every second..
  • naina
  • revenge
  • swara
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ELLA {SEQUEL} // Why Don't We  by EllaRoseAutumnSmith
ELLA {SEQUEL} // Why Don't We by Ella <3
the life after the marriage of two young lovers struggling to keep a private life, things are almost the same as they used to be...
  • sequel
  • secondbook
  • danielseavey
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Girls Gone Wild! Spanking Story by Psparkle022
Girls Gone Wild! Spanking Storyby Psparkle022
The story of the professional troublemaker Jessica Anston and her now stern and overprotective teacher Paul Davis continues on this sequel of the book Where Them Girls A...
  • where
  • trouble
  • spanking
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