Chapter 6

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Hailey's Pov

I woke up feeling so disgusting. Not matter how many showers or how hard I scrubed it felt like i had been in filth.I had barely eaten in days with all the drama that had been around now. I eventually found my appeitite again. I guess I wasn't going to be treated like a prisoner anymore being escorted by a armed guard since my behavior had improved over the time.I still wasn't into that being a social bug shit. I pretty much ignored all the females around me. I just wanted to get my breakfast and back to my room. I found the need to do something to get rid of the awful memories of strang drunk men from the night before. 15 different men came back to back that night. I truely hated my self and became ver digusted with my self. I was no longer the same Hailey with dreams anymore. I was more like a Hoe with bashed dreams that went down the drain. I still wasn't going to give up on finding Rich though if something happend with him I don't think I could ever live with my self. Something was going to be done.

As I stood in the line waiting for my breakfast. I heard my name being called.


I turned around, I couldn't believe who in the hell it was. My past was now coming back to fuck with me.

Trinas Pov

Really. Like is this like fucking me right now. I thought I woudn't have to see this hoe anymore. The bitch was the reason why my Rich was acting all funny with me. Even though he doesn't want to admit it I know. After the say suprised him at the restauraunt where he was suppose to meet her. I felt like he ended up settling for me. I saw the way he looked at her at that party that one night. I guess he thought I was born yesterday or I was just plain stupid. So I made it know that he was my man, Hailey nearly bursted in tears when she seen me all over Rich, which was pretty much my doing it was right. He was my man and only mine. I wasn't with that sharing shit. I didn't know where she came from, but I wasn't gone let this heffa take what was mine without a fight.

That night Hailey and Rich were nowhere to be found at all. I stayed in the parking lot of the hotel waiting for his ass until the next morning. I was pissed the fuck off. I wasn't just gone let him walk all over me and just go and play happy with a hoe somewhere else. Being the crazy girl that I am . I followed him from the distance in the parking lot. To a near-by Ihop. I watched as he walked with a dozen of roses cheesing ear to ear. 5 mins later Hailey pulled up. This was my chance to let the lil hoe know that Rich was my man and she needed to back the fuck up. She could get all her happy thoughts with my man our her little mine. I walked up her being a strong woman being sweet as i could be with all the anger behind me.I mean it wasn't a need to get hostile. I was just stating true facts to the girl.

"I'm with child. Woman to Woman,I'm just letting you know that the man you claim that you're in love with his my man. I don't know what he told you, but i know that he knows where his real home is. He may of wanted to shield your feelings."

I may have went a little far with saying I was pregnant, but it wasn't none of her dam business. After a breif talk. I could get Hailey to see who Rich really belonged to. I smilled at her inhaled then exhaled and walked into Ihop where Rich had been waiting..

The priceless expression of confusing on his face. It wasn't no way in hell he was gonna tell me he wasn't expecting me or didn't want to see me or even waiting for another girl. Instead he made a punk ass excuse sayin he was just about to call me. I told him I spoted his car and decided to suprise him. He gave me a fake smile then gave me the flowers with Haileys name written all over with a side of guilt. Since that day Me and Rich have been together. I thought my life was great i wouldn't have to see this hoe again but yet she's here. What the fuck was she even here for ?

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