Chapter 1

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TNites Pov

Sitting back watching how King often beat Rich everyday was starting to get to me. I tried to brush our friendship under the rug, but the shit ain't easy he was my nigga. If only he woulda kept his nose outta shit. Hell if I could go back in time I would of never introduced him to the club. Shit when I seen Trina I got an idea. I knew King was pissed at me for even bringing Rich around. And he came asking all them fucked up questions and shit. It as my fault and I was ready to accept it.

Trina was Puerto Rican, but it look like she came from England. Hell King had any girl his customers desired. It was any mans fantasy. The way Trinas booty shaped in that dress, I knew she knew how to please a nigga right.

After sometime I ain't mind doing the dirty work for King. I ain't wanna be know as no punk or no sucker I had a rep.I was one of his main men. I wanted to be on the top know as The Man.I wanted to be his only best partner. If Trina made everything easy. I knew I was in there.

Lauren.(The female officer) I got another one for ya." I said carrying Trinas unconscious body over my right shoulder.

"Did King have a say so with this? I ain't got time for this bullshit knowing every girl gotta go through him.You know there are ruled here."

"Listen don't you think I fucking know that? You thank i'm fucking stupid? Time is fucking money get to work time clock is ticking."

"All I'm sayin is...."

"I wouldn't have brought the bitch in if King didn't give me the say so. I'm done with this conversation get her a room ready."

Trina Pov

I woke up to a musty smell. I tried to cover my nose, but I couldn't my hands ands and feet were shackled to a hard rusty ass bed. After moving my hands and feet i noticed my clothes had been tooken off and replaced with a brown tshirt and baggy ass shorts. Where the fuck was T-nite.

"Heyyyyyy. Can anyone hear me? Help!? I began to scream with crackels in my voice caused by me having a panic attack. "Help!" I yelled again hoping it was all a dream.

"Don't waste your time sweety."I heard a low voice feel in the vince.It's bout time to go out and about you'll probably talk to King before he puts you out there. So chill baby girl.'

"How in the fuck you expect me to fucking chill? I don't even know where the hell i'm from."

"Don't worry you'll find out soon baby girl."

Shit wasn't making since and I knew T-nite was behind all this shit. From Rich disappearing. From passing out from that fucking drink. I looked around the dark cell and I just knew Rich was in need of help. I will find him no matter what.


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