The Big Ending!

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Charles Washington(Que)

I was a big nervous for sitting King up. I made a relationship with him over the years a very close bound. I never thought that it would work. Now it was time to face him letting him know. Plus I had to Check up on my boys. To make sure that they weren't hurt in any kind of way. I was strapped through out my whole body, because I knew that it wasn't going to be a pretty end. It wasn't going to be a friendly at all. These innocent women didn't deserve to be sold out like some whores.. I threw on my jacket and fixed my tie walking into Club Dollhouse straight to Dollhouse. When I walked in his office he was cleaning his self up.

"Hey there King." I said causing him to jump."

"Hey there my pain man long time no see."

"How ya been?"

"Good.Good I met your little friends that you recommended me to working with."


"I'm not fucking stupid Mr.Que . Milton Que to be exact. Since your little friends that you recommended came in I knew there was something a little fishy about the whole situation.

I was shocked as hell, I know longer played the role Of Milton Que anymore just because he already knew and it was pointless. The thing I had to do now is bring this bastard down.

"Yeah, My name is Milton Que." I swallowed hard. I'm a cop undercover cop and you Mr.King you are under investigation for many sexual accounts for upholding women such as prostituting which is illegal. I plan to take your dreams and crumple them into many pieces . To make sure you are thrown away for a very long time.

King stared at me with a smirk. He stood up which cause me to stand up. He paced the room back and forth.

" I Have this place surrounded and I'm pretty sure my partners are taking pictures of all the evidence that they need." I said smirking.

" Shots began to fire, causing me to fall down as if I was hit. Luckily I wasn't. I ran into the hallways to take cover. I'm pretty sure the shots were heard.

Harry's Pov

I knew we needed more evidence so I took the turn to go talk to a victim at Doll House. I walked into a room seeing a young lady sitting on a edge of a bed.

"Hey. Are you okay? What's your name?"

"You're not getting any pussy." She hissed.

" No i'm not here for that." I said kneeling down in front of her." I'm a cop I'm here to help you, me and my partners are all in here. We're going to take this son-of-a-bitch down. We've been trying for years now and we finally got all the information that we need."

She looked at me as if I was a liar. I took my badge out of my pocket and flipped it at her. She looked as if she was so excited as if I was the one who she'd been waiting for.

"I'm Hailey'. she said with tears in her eyes slowly falling from her eyes.

"Hello Hailey can you tell me abo---."

Before I could finish my words she started crying uncontrollably. I calmed her down after 10 mins. I didn't need her to cry I needed more information. I pulled out my min camera that was mistaken for a button..

She looked at me like I was crazy. I explained to her again more proof then quicker we could take King down. She finally agreed to do a short interview. Which was more then I actually needed.

I After the Short interview. We heard a loud Siren go off wondering what the fuck was going on. It was lous as fuck. Hailey cover her ears. She stood up and pushed me out the room. "GO NOW SAVE YOUR SELF." she screamed.

Laurens Pov

I don't know how the fuck a security guard could become a body disposer it only made me hate my job even more as I disposed T-nites body. Then moping up his blood that was on the shiny marble floor. Neck slice and a bullet took the poor dreamers boy out. I mean he was the only one putting Dollhouse in danger. I tried to warn him with every dumb ass decision I seen him do. I took his body back in the dump where later King will call someone one to pick it up and throw it in the ocean. King called me on the radio he tone made it known for it to be urgent. I rushed up to Kings office. I hope it wasn't about letting Hailey see Rich. I thought the poor girl needed. It , but then China's raggedy Ann looking ass probably made him think twice on all the shit she actually knew about Hailey. This girl would make a Christian wanna beat her nappy head ass. All of a sudden I heard the lock down Alarm go off. Like what the fuck could be going one now. That alarm only ment one thing. Someone was trying to take down the club.

Haileys Pov

The alarm still went off. I hope that the cop could get me out like he promised. But I wasn't leaving without Rich. I just had to get to him. I knew where he was and it was my chance to risk my life for him as if he did for me. Even though he didn't want to talk to me or ever see me again. Atleast I can repay him for risking his life for me. After a while I heard Lauren checking and shutting the cells. Then I soon heard my cell open.

"I'm sorry Hailey." She said as she shut the cell back. It was pure dark all the lights were out. Only a dot of light creeped in the room. I knew the Lord was on my shoulder I been through straight hell, It was as if hope was finally coming my way again and stronger this time.

Harry's Pov

I called Que on the radio. I got no answer. I called em again and still no answer. All of a sudden I got pulled down, by Que.

"Shots were fired." Que shouted over the alarm . Take your positions

"Take your positions shots are being fired". Que yelled in the radio. "We got him where we want him Que shouted." If the Club is on lock down then we got him right where we want him he hasn't gone far. Plus we have back up outside."

Que was taking it very very serious like we all should, but I don't think that the rest of us was actually ready for the reality to come in the being we only hoped that we would catch King but time has come for us to actually catch King and sen him away for a very long time. Before we knew back up came in all at once filling the club. Moving people out of the club.

"Officer O, is it clear?"

"Clear and secured. "he replied on the radio.

We all came together at once.

"Where's the elevator.?"

"Follow me Que said quickly as he walked in the direction.

As they followed and approaching the elevator the female security guard. : you might as well give up he can't be stopped she said walking towards us with her gun. Ma'am get back put you weapon down and put your hands over your head.I'm not going to shoot. She said as she put her weapon down. I'm going to help you as she threw the gun to the other side.

We all looked confused but we needed to find this son-of-a-bitch

She lead us down this long hallway room with different buttons and computer monitors. From the monitors we could see that King had packed his and shit and left, but how was that possible. All of our men we inside why this piece of shit outsmarted us once again.


"You can still find him." The female guard said.

"Like hell how?"

" Well let's say Mr. King always has trackers on anything that he owns as if someone borrows his thing."

We all looked at her.

"We'll make a deal with you. If you help us we never even knew you worked for the scum bag."

She agreed and pulled up a tracker on King. He was on his way to a part jet area in Florida. We called that order in for our men to be on him. Myself and Que Left While the guard showed our men where the girls were located.

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