Chapter 11

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"Mom answer me!" My mom smiled and placed her hand in my stomach. "They just found out something really exiting, Abby. Well somehow while they where checking on them, they found another baby. It just appeared! But the doctor said that it looked waaay younger than the two others, so she said that it might have developed two months late." My mom said smiling.

All of it came crashing into me. I look down. No wonder im so fat! My mouth is wide open and my mom shows me the ultrasound.

I blink in some tears. "Mom.. i cant handle three of them! I dont even have a farther! I cant nurture them and still work! I cant!" I said crying. "Honey, you have me. I will help you, for sure. Dont cry, just think, you have three lives in you!" She said. I feel a cramp in my back and nod to her. "Thanks mom." I said.

After done with the doctors doing a lot of crazy testing in me, wondering how in the world how another creature came in me. To tell you the truth.. that is weird..., i got to go back home. The doctor said that i shouldnt walk around much, but i had to go to school. I'll figure something out eventually.


I lay in my bed wondering how i will deal with all of this. The cramps, the morning sickness, and school. Not to mention people staring at my stomach. This is going to be a loooong year. Well it could be worse right? Like i could be out in the hunger games. Hahahaha......

The hunger games part is actually a story! Be sure to read it, its called Pregnant in the hunger games!! Thanks for reading!

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