Chapter 12

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I wake and I throw up, as usual. I put on my clothes and while taking of my shirt, i notice that my stomach is red, the purple has gone now. I sigh.

Tomorrow will make me five months preggo and i dont even want to think how im gonna turn out. I mean, come on! Im only 4 months pregnant and i look like im 8 or 7 months pregnant!! Makes sense, sinse i have three lifes in me....

I go to the kitchen, having a stong urge to eat donuts. And lots of donuts!! Chocolate donut, maple donut, any kind!! I checked everywhere for a donut, but nope no luck. I groan. I decided to eat a croissant instead, and my stomach was not pleased. I really was looking forward for that donut...

I get my backpack after im done eating and walk toward the door, when i suddenly trip because of my shoe lace being un tied. I scream and fall...



On the couch. I gasp and clutch my stomach as i breath in and out. Easy.. I didn't fall.. I rub my stomach. "You guys are going to be triple the trouble, huh?" I said, calming down now. I tie my shoe and get my keys.


Once i get to school, i go straight to math. I walk with a slow pace, man these triplets are taking a loooooot of my energy! Blah blah blah, square root, blah blah blah. Honestly i fell alseep in math, my eyes couldnt take it.

In P.E. my teacher let me sit out because of my babies. Turns out she has twins, and knows how much the struggle is. She gives me tips while everyone is running their butts of. I nod and smile the entire time.


Once brake is here, i see a message from Carly.

Hey Abby, im sick ;(
Aww that sucks. I reply.

She doesn't reply back.

I sit on a bench and feel exhausted already. I rest my hands in my stomach. I hear someone sit down next to me. "Um hi Abby" i hear a familiar voice. I turn to my left and see Tony, my crush staring right at me. I try not to freak out and act normal. "Hi Tony" i said.

"Abby.. can i ask you something?" He said.

Anything for you Tony....

"S-sure" i stammer. "Um.. whose the dad." He said.

Ohh that...

"No one. I got this," i said pointing to my stomach. "By getting sexually abused." I said gulping. He gasped a bit and then nodded. "Im sorry to jear that. So how many months? Is ready to pop any second?" He said adding in a bit of humor. I laugh a bit. "Actually, no its not even close." I said casually as i can. "Wow.." Tony said. "Im having triplets.." i said sighing.

Tony looked shocked again. "And your all alone!" He said. He started into my eyes and leaned in.

Omg the moment i havr been WAITING FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!! UAYAYAYAYSYSY

And kissed me. I kiss him back. Ok t only lasted for 3 seconds, before je departed and blushed. "Abby... i... always..."

Yes... go on.....

"Loved you" hr stammered now with a red face. Now i turn red. "But then.. i saw you pregnant and thought you were with someone.. so i gave up. But your information relieved me." He said looking away. "Tony.. i always stalked you, and loved you..."i whispered. The bell rings and hw turns to look at me. He gave me his number and i gave him mine. I feel butterflies in my stomach.


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