Chapter 17

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I can't take school anymore!!! I cant!! I keep getting REALLY painful cramps and have to walk like an old lady!! But i have continue because i need a job! It wasn't until one day that I was home schooled....

I was getting my stuff in my locker for my next class when I got a pain in my lower body area. And then it got worse. Until I was screaming of pain. It felt like if someone was stabbing me with a knife! I thought I was going through labor. But I wasn't..  now I'm really scared of going through labor..

When I got to the hospital, they checked me right away But they shocked their heads. The doctor said it would be better if I got home schooled for just 2 months and I can continue.  He said if I kept this up, my baby girl might not get born.

I frown as I do my homework that my mom has brought from school. 2 more months....

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