Chapter 9

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4 months with the babies now.

Someone knocked on the door and my mom was gone. Uh i have to open it. I got out of bed and said "Coming" i walk and open the door. "Abby!" Carly hugs me tightly. I hug her back. "Hey Carly." I said.

"Heres your homework. You only have math, i'll give you the answers so you can rest." She said getting out her homework. "Aww Carly you dont have to." I said sitting down in the couch. "No no, i insist" she said with a made up accent and made me laugh. "Your the best" i said and copy and try to learn the lesson from it.


My mom is working late today and i just sat in front of the Tv looking for something interesting to watch until i hear a knock. I groan. I peek through the hole and see its Jessy, the most popular girl in our school, also a snob.

Why is she here?!?!?! I look in the mirror and i look pretty good except for the stomach. I open the door and say "Jessy why are you here," i look to see her and she has a miny dress with high heels. "Come on every one knows you had sex and thats what makes you cool. Now whose the dad."

I gap at her nonsense. "No ones the dad" i said already closing the door but she put her foot. "Come on babies only come from sex dont deny it" she said chewing her gum. "Im telling the truth." I said feeling sick of her. She placed her hand in my stomach and pinched it. "Oww!" I slap her hand and rub my stomach

"Now Abby tell me or i will do it again to the stupid creature in your stomach." She said batting her eye lashes.

"I already told you!!!!! Now go away" i said the pain going away now. "Tell me now!!!!" Jessy yelled and pinched me harder than last time and i howl. "Jessy, please... stop... your hurting me by saying the truth." I whisper kneeling down and clutching my stomach. "Fine then, be that way. Anyways your coming with me in the party, people made me bring you sinse your so 'cool' now" she said disgustingly.
(Jessy is the image)

"I don't want to go." I slowly stand up. "To bad. Get ready and come out or i will punch you in the stomach." She said and i gasp and say "be right back" and close the door. What should i do?! I rub my stomach and lift up my shirt in my room. Red. "Its ok babies, mommy's alright" i say. Where did that came from?!

I decided just to go there and get out. I put on a loose shirt that fited me a size to big before, but now it fits me. And then i put on some jeans, skinny jeans wont do. I put mascara and eye liner and a bit of lipstick. I rub my stomach. "Uh fucking Jessy" i say and get out, Jessy glaring at me.

"Good Abby. Now get in the back, no way your sitting next to me" she sneered. I do as i did. Why am i doing this?! For the protection of my babies.


We got to this big two floor house and she gets out and i follow. "Ok jerk get in or you know" i gulp. I get in, loud music pumping, teenagers drunk, smoking, cutting whatever. I immediately want to barf.

"Everyone Abby is here" Jessy says and pushes me. Everyone cheers. "The sex master!" A lot of people say. I immediately feel bad and sit down on the nearest couch. Some girls, really drunk came laughing and hiccuping toward me and said "Hey guuuurrl want a drink? Beer is really gooood for you" a girl said.

"Its gooooood" the other girl said.

"No thanks" i said as calmly as i could. I can't. Im pregnant. I want to get out now.

"Girrrrrrrl you scared?! Your a loooooser." She gets out a knife. "Drink some or i will stab you"

I gasp. Shes REALLY drunk. The other girl gives me the beer, thank goodness its not alcohol. "Ok...." i say my voice cracking. I sip it and force myself to swallow it. "Mmm" i force out and the girls smile and leave. I gag and throw the beer. I stand up toward the door but a guy pushes me against the wall, drunk too, and pushes my stomach. "So your Abby the preger chick." He says pinching my stomach. I yelp and scream as the pain takes control of me. I feel cranps everywhere. I cant take it!!!!!

I kick him in the sweet spot and run out the door. I dont know were i am but i go far away from that house.

I clutch my stomach,and get out my phone. "Hello?" Carly says

"Carly pick me up please ill tell you later what happened. Im in maple street. Ugh!" I moan in pain as i throw up in the grass. "Abby.. what's wrong!! Ill be right there and fast!!!!!" Carly hanged up and in 10 minutes she as here.

I got in and exhale and rest my hands in my stomach. "Carly its horrible." I cry. "Jessy forced me to come to this party or she'll hit me in the stomach and pinched it hard two times and and and and then two drunk ladies made me drink beer and and and-" Carly stops me. "Shh you sound so ill. Im going to take you home and you rest." And took me there

When i got home my mom was there and i went into my room.

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