Chapter 15

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At school Tony said he wanted to get to know me. I agreed and i invited him to my house. We also gave ourselves phone numbers.

"So Abby how many months?' Tony asked, sitting down. "5" i simply say. He nods.

We talk and talk for two hours until we praticly know ourselves. I told him how i use to stalk him at school and he laughed instead of getting creeped out.

While i was laughing i feel a push in my stomach. I stop laughing and put my hands on my large stomach. I feel another one. My first baby kick.. "Abby whats wrong?" Tony asks concerned. "Baby kick" i whisper.

He gasps a little, but then stands up and places his hand in my stomach gently. "Wow. Hard one too" he said. "He'll he awesome at soccer!" He said and i laughed. The kicks were getting way more violent and i was getting worried.

Tony left because he had to go ear dinner, and he kissed my hand and said bye.

I sigh. If this hurts, i dont even want to go through labor.

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