Chapter 4

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A week later of torture in school later...

I waited and ate my food really slowly before i went to the doctors to see my results. I wanted this to last forever. But i dont feel that good so i go to the bathroom and take off my shirt. I see a teeny bump, a bit noticeable if you wear a bikini, but i never do.







I get in my doctor room and sit and wait for her. "Hello Abby, i have your results." She showed me the envelope. "Would you like to open it?" She asked. I gulp. Fuck no. "Can you do it for me?" I say weakly. "Sure sweetie" she opens it and takes out the results. She reads it and looks up to me. "Abby. Your going to be a mom." She said.


"W-w-w-what!!!!!!" I try hard not to yell. Tears come out. "Abby whatever you do, please dont get an abortion. Its a living creature, that you made. Please. But im not forcing you." She said giving me the paper. I read it and cried more.

"I wont..." i quietly say and get out. Time to tell my mom... She must be getting home by now. When i got back home she was in the couch watching a show.

"Mom.. i need to tell you something very important.." i nervously say.

"What is it honey?" She turns off the TV and stares at me. "Im... Im... Im pregnant....." i spit it out. My mom face turns pale. "It cant be.... it cant..." she whispers. I get out the paper and give it to her. "Here it is, the results,..." My mom reads it and cries. "Honey this is all my fault. I never should have been with him. I dont know what i was thinking... No matter what im going to help you with the baby. So its already 1 month old...." she said hugging me.

I sigh in my bed and text my friend Carly.
What up gurl
Remember that i told you about me checking if im pregnant?
Yes, what positive or negative?!?!
Positive... Carly please help me throughout life, promise?
Omg omg omg!!!! Ill be lile a littlw nanny to the baby and ill help you raise it just like any aunt!!! Dont worry Abby im here for you.
Thx i love you.
Love you too, see ya tomorrow.

At least i have Carly and my mom, right baby? I rub my stomach.

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