Chapter 1

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Abby is the media

Thomas threw me into my bed and starting kissing my lips. "Stop!" I yell. Hes abusing me! "Your lips are smooth" he said as he starting taking of my shirt. The problem is that I cant run away because im tied up. "I will tell my mom what your doing!" I yell and lifted up my feet in the air and kicked him in that area. (Im sure all of you know this)

"Feisty woman are my type." He said and took of my pants now. "NO STOP PLEASE!!!" I yell. Why did my mom have to go to work!

*One moment later of you know

At that moment the door burst open and my mom came in and screamed and got out her phone and ran out the door. "Theres a guy abusing my child sexually, hes going to get me!"

Thomas charges after her and my mom yells still in touch with the police, probably to make them come faster. Im in bed, naked. My mom beng chased by a drunk guy and i hear sirens. I cry and put on my clothes as the police come through the door and start shooting everywhere.

"Your under arrest, PUT YOUR HANDS UP!" I hear as another police comes with me and comforts me and my mom.

After that, nothing went to normal.


We moved from our house as soon as we could, which was in a week. After 2 weeks we have officially settled into our new home. I still go to the same schooln thank goodness.

Haiii its me the author duh who else. Anyways it has to be short cause i want it to.. Ikr perfect reason. Please make sure to vote and to correct me in any mistake! Adios mis amigos!

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