Chapter 7

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"Abby come on lets go the big party!! Your crush Tony is there!!!" Carly teased me. "Carly i would love to IF I WASNT PREGNANT!!" i yell. The baby is making me to tired and grumpy. "Come on!!" Carly said. "No im sorry. Text me if you see Tony." I said closing my eyes in my bed. "Aww ill miss you, but ok, love you take care!"and rushef out the front door. I really wanted to see my crush...

2 months later..

My baby is three months old and i have a big FAT stomach. Now everyone knows im pregnant.. even my crush Tony. My doctor called today for a chek up and i agreed only because of no school.

My mom came with me and drove me there, sinse im getting a lot of cramps and cant stop moaning. "Uaghhh" i moan as my mom parks. I feel like im gonna barf and man my stomach is heavy. I rub it and stare at it. Im pregnant. No dream..

I need to buy shirts that pregnant woman wear, holy shit my stomach is almost showing out. "Honey ill wait for you." My mom said and i gwt out the car and into my doctor's room. "Abby, wow look at you!"

"I know I'm fat" i said rubbing my stomach. She laughed. "A bit rounder then most woman, but that's ok everyone is different!" She said and i sat down. "Ok so how do you feel."

"Tired stomach churning throwing up.. and that stuff." I rub my stomach, the pain is to hard. "My stomach hurts a lot i cant stop soothing ot and rubbing it" i add as i rub it more and moan. "Sinse your still a teen, ill sat your ok. But lets have a look. Take of yout shirt."

I did and a lump came out round and smooth. (Thats what she said)

"Ohh you got a big one alright" she said and i layed down on the bed. "Ok im going to put this in your stomach, its cold" she said and put it. "Ah thats cold" i say as i flinch.

"Ok do you want to see it? I think yoy can considering how big it is" she said. I gulp. "S-sure" i stammer as she takes of the cold stuff and i rub it immediately and moan. "Also ill prescribe to you some pain relief for your stomach, you moan to much." She said as she got the things ready.


"There it is" the doctor pointed to it. I saw a tiny head and a body. "Aw." I said. "What gender?" I say. "Cant tell.. maybe when its four or five months." She said. I groan. She moves it around a bit and i see another head. I gasp and she gasps. "Twins" she says. "No wonder, that gives you double the pain." She said and took the thing of. I feak out. Twins!!!

"Ohhh man...."i said. "No wonder im fat" and rub my stomach some more. "Here's your prescription" she said. "Thanks doc see you next month. I said and headrd towars my mom.

"Mom im having twins." I said and groaned and rested my hands on my stomach. "God bless you Abby im s ok sorry again" she said rubbing my stomach. "Its ok mom. Things happen for a reason."

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