Chapter 3

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I knocked on my doctor's door and she opens it. "Abby!" She says and let's me in. "Whats brings you here?" She asked me. "I feel sick.. and quesy and throw up a lot." I said to her, sitting down and she closing the door. "Hm. Tell how do you feel."

"I feel quesy, sick. Like i want to throw up."

"Hmm. What else. Have you been getting tired a lot lately or getting head aches?"

"Head aches yes. Tired, not really." I say a bit worried. "Ok.. it might be possible that your pregnant. But im only guessing. Since after the incident its possible." She said.

I start laughing historically. "Ya right!!" I say

"Nope. Whens your next period."

I totally forgot about that. Crap shes right i should have gotten it a week ago! "A week ago i should have gotten it..." i murmur. "Ok just pee on this cup and your results will come in one week. Before you do that, lift up your shirt for me." I did as i was told and she inspected it.

"Hmm no signs. Well it was just 4 weeks, that's natural."

I went to the bathroom and did what i was told again. "Abby you can go now. Just dont take any pills, to be safe." I nod. I get the heck out and start freaking out.

NO NO NO!!!!!! IM NOT PREGNANT!!!!!!!! I slowly drive back home and lay in my bed. I'm not going to school. I will tomorrow tough. Might as well not go today. I sigh. Why this, to me?!?

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