Chapter 16

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2 months later (7 months)

I wait patiently for my check up as i rub my stomach. The baby kicks are really bothering me, especially at night. "Abby Dr. Clara will see you now"

I stand up and nod towards her.

I get in and sit. "Abby how many months are you?" She asked me closing the door. "7 months" i said. "Hmm ok" Dr. Clara said and told me to lay down. "Ok tell me.. have your breasts become.. bigger?" She asked me. I gap a little and blush. "Yes they have is that normal?" I asked.

"Totally normal! Your developing milk for your babies" she said.

I totally forgot i had to breast feed them! Breast feed three!!!!

I nod.

She puts the gel on my stomach and looks around. "Wow this little boy is really healthy! The other one is a bit smaller but very healthy too!" She said smiling. I nod and ask "What about the other one can you tell what gender it is?!" I ask excitingly.

She looks around and finds it. "Hmmm..... girl" she says. A girl! I always wanted a baby girl! I smile cheerfully filed with joy. "Hmmm... Im sorry.. but she looks very small. Labor is almost coming and I'll tell you your due date later. She looks fragile and hasn't develop enough.. Im going to have to give you special pills for her.

My smile disappeared. The joy has gone away. "Im sorry Abby but she might not make it through birth. Hopefully the pills will help. Just hope, okay?" She says and i start to cry. No! She will develop in time! I know she will! She has too!

She gave me a tissue and said. "Due date is in June 8. Here's the prescription to the pills." She said and i nod. June 8... Thats Monday i think... When summer brake begins and no more school...

I nod sniffling some tears and head to the pharmacy. Everything will be okay right?

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