Chapter 6

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Carly is that girl up there.

When school was out i felt lile shit. I couldn't walk and i just wanted to sleep. "Hey sexy" a guy slammed me into the wall. "Your ass is beautiful " he said kissing my lips. OH NO IM NOT LETTING THIS HAPPEN.

"Go fuck yourself " i say and kick him in the balls amd run, even tough the baby kept giving me really bad cramps. I meet up with Carly in her car. "A guy was cat calling me..." i said rubbing my stomach more. "And i dont feel good at all." Carly gasped and said "Where's that bitch so i can teach him a lesson!!!" Carly said already looking around. "Can we just go to my house, im dying here." I said and sit in the car.

"Sure Abby, anything! You know i love you as a friend!" She said and began to get inside and started the car. Only 8 more months to go...

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