Chapter 2

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I vomit and hurl in the sink as i throw up. After im done i wash my teeth and rub my belly. I think im sick.. I moan and throw myself in bed still moaning. "Mooom" i whine up to her if she can hear me, that is.

Ever sinse that happened shes been extra nice to me. I said it wad ok, but to tell you the truth i wanted to punch her for not believing me. "Yes honey?" She came here in 10 seconds flat. "I feel sick. I just threw up and my head hurts." I said massaging my forehead. "Hmm I'll bring you the pills right away sweetie, you stay here"

I nod.

Ever since then he went to jail. My mom cried for not believing me for teo weeks. This is the fourth week since that day happened..

My mom came back with the pills and water and i took two. I layed down and sigh. Tomorrow is a school day. I have to feel better. I closed my eyes and dozed of.

"PUSH!!!!!!" The doctor says. "I CAN'T UGHHHHHHH IM GONNA DIE!!!" i yell and push as hard as i can. "AAUUUGGHHHHHHH" I yell again.

I wake up by my alarm and breath. It was just a dream. But no ordinary dream... I feel quesy and run to the bathroom. Sure enough i vomit and vomit until i cant. Man i barfed my guts out for 10 minutes!!!! I feel sick.. whats wrong with me?!?!


An idea just popped into my mind. What if.,. Im pregnant?!??! What is hes the father!!!! No no no.. even if i was pregnant it wouldnt be his. Never. Even if he made it exist.. but no no no. Shut the fuck up Abby your not pregnant.

I decided to ditch school today and go to the doctors instead. My doctor already knows what happened and she said to come any time is i feel sick especially after that.

I just learned how to drive and got my driver license, thanks to my mom. Speaking of her she might have already gone to work by now.. oh well..

Uhhh maybe driving wasnt a good idea. I get of and park and go to the front desk. "Im here to see Dr. Clara." I say. Its 6:09 right now man im early. "Step right in there's no clients sweetie" the nurse says and opens the door. "Thanks"i smile to her. I step in and take a big breath.

Im not pregnant for sure... i know,.. probably the flu?

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