Chapter 14

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Audrey is the media. Isnt she cute?

"Im sorry Abby. I hope you will forgive me one day.." she turned around and left my house. I lay in my bed thinking of what Audrey said. I sigh and feel a terrible head ache. I dont know, she just punched me and slapped me... I close my eyes and fall asleep. Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday.

5 months pregnant now.


I sit on the doctor's seat and wait for my turn to be checked. Someone sits next to me and i turn to see a women pregnant, like me, but she looks about 9 months pregnant, about to pop any second. "Pregnant huh?" She said to me." I nod. "This baby boy is ready to come out any second now. Easy there..." she said rubbing her stomach.

I smile to her. "Baby kick?" I ask. "Yes, and there getting stronger al right. How many months?" She asked. "Today is 5, here for a check up." I said. "Wooow im guessing twins?"

I shook my head. "Triplets" i said. She nods. "Wow. You look 8 months ti be honest." She said. I nod. "They tire me a lot and make me stressful." I said. "That's normal. I'm here to check on my baby, just make sure it's healthy."

I nod. She suddenly turns pale. "Are you alright?" I ask her worried. "Its coming.." she whispered. She started moaning.

I get up, immediately helping. "Excuse me nurse! Theres a pregnant woman going through labor!!!!" I said helping her up. She smiled to me. "See about to pop any second." She said, now breathing in and out. The nurse immediately came and took jer away. I sigh. Soon I'll be like that.


"Hello Abby, 5 months, right?" My doctor asks me. "Yup." I said. "Ok just lay down." She put the jelly thing on my stomach and said. "They look healthy! But it could help if you eat healthier." I nod.

"Wanna know the gender?" She said. "Of course!" I said exited.

"Hmm.. This ones a boy." She said pointing on the screen. "Now this one.. its also a boy!" She said. I smile and beam. "What about that little one?" I said. "Hmmm..." after a minute she says. "Its still to young to tell.. I'm getting worried it wont develop in time for labor day for the two boys..." she said.

"B-but its healthy, right?" I ask het worried. "Yes of course." She said.

Two boys... the other one, who knows...

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