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Marinette's P.O.V

"We aren't friends anymore!"

"Yeah! We don't wanna be friends with a bully!"

"You're just jealous of Lila"

I ran into the girls toilet tears running down my face. She had done it. Finally done it! Lila had taken away all my friends. They were all calling me a liar and a bully. And Adrien didn't even try and stand up for me. He just watched it all happen. I cried and cried. Alya, Nino, Rose, Juleka, everyone, believed Lila over me. As soon as the bell went, I ran home. 

"Sweetie, what's wrong?", Maman asked.

I hugged her and cried harder. 

"She lied Maman! She lied. And now everyone thinks I'm a bully and a liar", I cried.

"Oh sweetie! I'm so sorry", she replied, hugging me back.

"You believe me, right?", I asked.

"Of course we do", Papa replied.

I hugged him tight. 

"Thank you!", I whispered.

After that, I hated everyday of school. Everyone ignored me and some people even started pushing me and hitting me. People were talking behind my back and calling me names.

I thought I had no one, but I was wrong. Chloe came back from New York and was immediately left all alone. No one believed she had changed, and Sabrina was now a follower of Lila. When I was sitting alone under a tree, eating my lunch, and hiding from everyone else, I saw Chloe walking towards me. Oh boy! Here we go!

"Dupain- Che-uh...Marinette", Chloe called out.

I was shocked. Chloe had just called me by my first name.

"Chloe? Are you okay?", I asked.

"Um...I just want to say I'm sorry. For everything. I never should've acted that way, and I don't have a proper excuse for bullying you. I'm really sorry. You don't have to forgive me-"

"I forgive you!", I exclaimed.

"Wait. You do? Why?", she asked.

"Because, your trying to change. And you have. But we'll never know for sure unless I give you a second chance", I explained.

"Thank you! I'll be sure to change! I'm sorry, by the way, that the liar took all your friends. But I know that you are a sweet, kind girl, Marinette", Chloe said.

I hugged her. "Thank you".

What happened to Nino was very painful. It was 1 year after Lila had done the damage.

"Dudette. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have stayed on her side, just to be with Alya. I let them hurt you and Chloe. We've been friends since childhood. I don't want to hurt you anymore. So, I broke up with Alya", he cried.

"Nino! I'm sorry you felt like you were forced to side with Lila. I'm not mad, but it'll take while for me to trust you again. But I'm sorry you had to break up with Alya", I comforted him.

"Thanks dudette"

Alix and Kim were the next to join us. Both had made a bet on something Lila had said, about getting them an opportunity with famous sportspersons. They had looked it up, and were not happy with what they found.

"I'm glad you guys know the truth. I'm forgiving you, but it'll take a while for you to earn my trust back", I say.

"Thank you Mari!", Kim yells.

"We won't let you down. We may not have been good friends back then and backed you up. But I'm hoping we can prove ourselves", Alix stated.

"We'll stick by you no matter what. And plus, I got tired of listening to Lila talk about her self all over again and again", Kim said, making us all laugh.

"Thanks guys".

After that the five of us stood together. Alix and Kim started dating, but no one knew except us. We were isolated from the whole school, but we had each other. And we started to accomplish many things. Nino played as a DJ for Jagged Stone, which got him famous as DJ Fox, since Marinette him the fox miraculous. I continued to fashion design, and after doing commissions for many celebrities, I became famous MDC. Chloe, with her money, studied law and actually was able to become a lawyer, and she represented me and Nino, who remained anonymous, because of us being minors. Chloe even represented Clara Nightingale, in a private dispute, and soon became famous as Royal C. Everyone knew not to mess with her. 

Lila lied about knowing us, but we couldn't care less, because we knew she would expose herself. Eventually. And it would be happening. Soon.


A new book! YAYAYAYAY! 


And this is a Jasonette story (not sibling)

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