Chapter 28

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So it's our first day in South beach Miami & we already painting the town. The first night we go to this club name B.E.D idk the name was weird, but the club was on point. As soon as we get in we head to the bar. We got some drink,then headed to the dance floor because my favorite song had came on by Kevin Gates - wild ride. Jay whispered in my ear "bae I'm having fun "

"Me 2"

I felt myself getting hot because with this 22 inches down my back, the lick, and all the meds I take for my diabetes was just hitting me all at once, so I went to go sit down. "Bae you ok "

"Yea I just got hot "

"Sit here while I go get you some water "

"Ok "

He so good to me. After I drunk the water I was good. My feet were killing me so we went back to the the hotel, took a shower, and went to bed.

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