Chapter 21

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After I got down there we headed to their house. We got out the car & headed up stairs to their apartment. Me,Tiffany, and Will was seating on the sofa about to watch a movie. His brother Jay came from the back, and was just staring at us it was weird. My phone was dying, and Jay had a charge, but I had to come in the room to use it. So I went back there, and started chilling with Jay. We laid down on the bed, started watching a movie, and talking. He is so fine, 6'0, milk chocolate skin tone, big beautiful brown eye, beautiful smile, 6 pack. He's so delicious. We started talking about everything. He asked me "when the last time you had sex "

"7 months ago"

"Forreal "

"Yea I've been doing this salabit thing ,and it's been working "

"What's that "

"When you don't have sex for a long period of time "

"So are you finning for it "

"Yes I kinda am "

I didn't have to say any more. We started undressing he was kissing all over my body. He was kissing on my neck I started moaning a little bit. I sucked his 9' dick, then he asked me to turn over on my back he got between my legs. He stuck it in,and because I haven't had sex in 7 months it hurted a little, but I thugged it out. He was going so deep it felt so good. He was the first dude to hit my g-spot, and it felt amazing. I didn't want him to stop. He started playing with my clit, my soaking, and wet juices was running down his arm. "Damn you really haven't had sex in 7 months "

"Mmmm "

"Does that feel good "

"Yes daddy "

"Turn over baby "

I turn back on my back. He had to stop because he was about to nut inside me. I'm so glad he did because Jerome will kill me if I got pregnant by another dude. We laid in bed, then his home boys came over. They were laughing & talking. I left after a while, and went home.

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