Chapter 11

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I got tried of waiting for my boo to get home so I can have some dick. I seen a good opportunity I went for it. It's this dude name Jamal that lives across the street from Shontelle, and we been making eye contact lately. So I was like fuck it I'm about to tell him how I feel about him. So later that day I was walking home from Shontelle house, and I got stop by Jamal. He asked me "what are you about to do "

"Go home take a shower "

"what's your number so I can come over "

"Ight, give your so I text you & tell you I'm out the shower "

"Ight "

A few minutes later, I text Jamal

"I'm out the shower "

"Ight, I'm on my way "

10 minutes pass by...I hear a knock on the door

I opened the door & he was standing there. He came & asked me "where my bedroom at." I said "over there." He started walking to my room while I lock the front door. So when I came in the room he was laying in my bed.

"Well make your comfortable "

"I already did "

He got up came in front of me pick me up by my waist and laid me down on the bed. Now Jamal is 5'7, carmel skin, tattoos, swagg on point. Prettiest smile ever, funny ass hell & did I forget to tell you he is FINE ass fuck... ((continue ))

After he laid me down, he started kissing all over my body, taking layers of clothes off me. He got up and started undressing. He picked me up, pulled back the covers & laid me under them. We under the covers, he starts back kissing all over my body. He put a condom on, and slid it in.

I grasped for air ... he said "are you ok " "yea I'm good " "ight ."& he continued on. His dick feel so good sliding in & out of me, hitting my g-spot every time, making me moan louder & louder the deeper he go. I was calling his name, papa, deeper, harder, give me some more were all the words coming out my mouth. I road his dick so good I had him in the moaning. We didn't stop until 5:30am. He got up kissed me goodbye as I walked him out the door. I went to take a shower, and got back in the bed & went to sleep.

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