Chapter 2

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So after I waited for week to get a letter back from him. I finally got one that brought me so much joy to my heart and just brought back so many momories. In he's letter he said "what's up sweetheart how are you doing? Me just chilling I got your letter today in it put a big smile on my face it felt real good to know you love & miss me I'm not gonna lie to you I miss & love you 2. I think about you all the time. Why you just now writing me I thought you would have been wrote me, but anyway I'm happy you did write me. So how us school going I hope good because if not I'm kick your butt. Tell your mother I said Hi & I miss & love her 2. I get out of here at the end of may don't tell nobody when you write me back. He asked for my number so he can call me. He told me to tell my mother she got a new son-in-law. He asked me what's been going on in the hood. Tell his brothers that he love & miss them. He asked me if I'm ready to be his lady. He told me he love me & he waiting on me to write him back." This life has just started.

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