Chapter 27

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So we on the road we been on the road for a long ass time, so long I went to sleep. When I woke up I seen lights and huge builds.

"Awe look who's up "

"Where are we "

"South beach Miami "

"Shut up "

"Lol yes bae we are really in Miami "

"Why didn't you tell me we were coming here I would have packed "

"It's ok bae your god father have us already set up "

"You talked to my god father "

"Yea we had planned for us to come down "

OK this is kinda weird that him & my dad are talking. Well I don't care this is about to be the best 3 weeks ever.

"Thank you bae "

"No problem you know I'll do anything for you "

"Snap chat time "

"Lol bae you crazy, that's why I love you because you don't bit your tongue for nobody "

"You better know it "

This is about to be a blast.

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